What's the point of the Main Event Mafia?

Discussion in 'TNA iMPACT! (2011-2015)' started by Snowman, Jun 28, 2013.

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  1. I'm just asking. Am I missing something here?

    So, Sting doesn't trust the boys in the back since they never come out and save anyone from the Mafia beatdowns, and he decides to bring back the Main Event Mafia, who so far contains Kurt Angle and Samoa Joe. Ignoring the obvious plothole of "He doesn't trust the babyfaces, so he's picking babyfaces to have his back!", what's changed? These three were fighting the Aces and Eights before, and now they're getting together to... fight the Aces and Eights.

    I guess Sting could lead more of a spirited charge since he can do things besides come out and set up the main event, and there's cool stuff you can do like having a Hogan/Hardy, Sting/Joe, Aces/Anderson final 4 with AJ winning... TNA deserves a "wait and see" since that's how they book things, but on the surface this seems like the most pointless thing in wrestling since Hulk Hogan tried to put over Garett Bischoff in the middle of Wembley Arena.

    Am I missing something here? (Outside of "mafia music = ratings" stuff, keep it kayfab plz)
  2. It's poor. The whole story is poor. The faster this story dies, the faster I get back into TNA. Not just the MEM story by the way, the whole thing. Aces & Eights are a joke again. They had a good period after Bully was crowned champion but it's overplayed and repetitive now, plus the rest of the group still look like absolute jokes. The MEM is a disaster. A "new" anything doesn't work. If you're going to have a group vs group scenario, then you make the new group original, you don't just play off of old successes as they'll never EVER be as good.
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  3. I've been trying not to bitch about this storyline for the sake of the rest of our group, and there still being so much to enjoy about the TNA Product right now (BFGS, the Knockouts, X-Division), but I remember what you said when Bully was revealed to be the leader, cba to quote but it was something like "I'm behind Bully. He's doing great work, but I'm skeptical that even he can save this faction."

    Aces and Eights had a great month when all the babyfaces were out selling injuries. One good month, when this shit has gone on for 13 MONTHS. Even the main protagonist doesn't seem to care anymore unless his daughter's involved. It's a shame this has to go on until BFG and at this rate even that's questionable. Get to the point.

    Still think the focus on the BFGS should overshadow the Aces and keep the show interesting, but man...
  4. I agree with Crayo on the MEM part, I hate to compare WCW to TNA, but they should learn. When WCW had nWo, they thought that it was the money maker. That bringing up multiple versions of the group would save them, but it didn't. In the end it made them just look pathetic, instead of making a different faction, with a new gimmick, they kept trying to live in the glory days of nWo, and I get that feeling here. Why not make a faction with young guys, or guys who need a little bit of a push? Why Kurt Angle and Samoa Joe, and why is Sting still wanting to go in ring? I know we are all annoyed by him, but why not go with James Storm instead? In his defense, he's a homegrown TNA talent, and he could have one more veteran, like Samoa Joe and Magnus in his group, but should also have young talent. They should use this storyline to build up a good amount of young talent, not just two, and they should being doing something new, not resurrecting the dead. This storyline is very dull, and it just feels like the Miz's face turn.
  5. Its not the MEM without Steiner. So I'm just calling it Team TNA. I'm pretty sure they're just trying to re-create WCW vs nWo in modern times with Sting once again being the leader of the baby faces. I'll give it a shot in hopes that they throw a twist in there at some point.
  6. Well the storyline point (even with that massive loophole) is to take down the Aces & 8s and Bully Ray once and for all, and Sting felt that going into war with his own stable would be smarter, easier and wiser, rather than nobody being obligated to help you when in trouble, a la Slammiversary.

    Non-kayfabe point.... Ratings improvement, minor shock values and possibly creating the new star(s) in the process as it looks like the 3 Originals will be Sting, Angle and Joe + 2 other guys (maybe Aries and Roode).

    I get why people bitch about it, and I don't blame them (except Crayo :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:), but once again we get to the wait-and-see process.

    - MEM isn't completed yet.
    - We don't know who will stand tall in the end.
    - We don't know who will beat Bully (and be a star in the process).
    - We don't know many (IMO) interesting things that'll come on the surface by the end of this entire thing

    If MEM will be Sting, Angle, Joe, Roode (or Storm) and Aries - that's more than good for me. And it beats the original Mafia by a good margin as I'd take Aries and Roooo (or Storm) over Nash and Booker any day of the year.
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  7. The only bothersome plothole is the one you mentioned: Sting was pissed nobody had his back, but obviously that includes Joe and Angle. Does it make for a super intriguing kayfabe angle? nah. It makes sense from a booking standpoint to give Angle/Sting something to do while the BFG Series goes on, and for Joe it makes kayfabe sense to join when approached because as we saw last night he can benefit in the BFG Series by these guys having his back. You hit the nail on the head for why TNA is doing it though. Hey, new music! Wonder who joins next?! It's a cheap ratings ploy to give them the MEM name, because it is just htat, the name. It doesn't have nearly the intrigue of the original MEM. You might as well have set this up by one segment where Sting calls Angle and is like "hey bro, suit up tonight! MEM is back and that's the only real difference! Our music and we wear suits!"

    I'm not nearly as down on the Aces & Eights angle as the rest of you either. Bully is still gold. I've enjoyed Anderson more lately than I have since he first came to TNA. The dissension amongst the group is underway and you can bet on members starting to leave/get kicked out soon. I just don't understand why Baby B and Wes aren't chasing tag team gold. They just set up Bully/Aries for a mini-feud, so how could you not be interested in that? For Aces & Eights to be interesting we have to have challengers to believe in... maybe that's why interest has dipped because that is sort of on hold while we wait to see who emerges from the BFG Series, but at least for now we get to enjoy Aries trying to take down Bully.
  8. Yeah, it does seem odd. But I'll wait until they reveal all the names to form an actuall opinion. If Steiner shows up I'll mark hard, that's all I know.

  9. better chance of Benoit joining the MEM than Steiner.
  10. Yeah, that heat between him and TNA does kinda stop that. Also the fact he's 50 and etc etc, just put it out there since as a silly smark I'd mark. Don't really expect it to happen.
  11. I guess it's just a case of "while Hogan tagged his boys he can lead in the fight against the Aces, he never lead the group as a unit since he had too much on his plate whereas Sting can rally the troops well :obama:".

    So basically the entire faction's a rib on Hogan, maybe not intentionally but dammit I'm gonna look at it as one :dawg:

    Great shout with Aries. We could have Aries win the belt as MEM keeps Bully's cronies at bay, as the Aries/Bully/Mafia/Aces war starts to heat up loner AJ swoops in and win the belt. Haha.
  12. There were many clues that Aries was associated with MEM:

    - Bully keeps asking people if they are Suicide and did they talk with Sting & Angle
    - Sting & Angle say their goal is for Bully to lose the title
    - before the main event segment, Sting says everybody wants to know who Suicide is

    So I'm gonna make a prediction:

    On July 18th, Destination X, after a run ins by Aces & 8s, MEM comes around to prevent them, and Aries brainbusts Bully Ray to win the World Title for the 2nd time, and moments later reveal himself as the newest, and last member of the NEW MEM.

    Now the q is why did Sting & Kurt screw Sabin and Perkins out of this? Because they are Mafia and Mafia does whatever they want, don't they? And they needed someone who is capable of beating Bully, and everyone knows that isn't Suicide or Sabin, so they approached A Double.

    Plenty of angles to watch on this angle, and I've found one that I believe will happen and I will enjoy. Even if it doesn't go THIS exact way, I see it happening similarly (new word by TEFLON). Now you testify to that.
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  13. Just thought about this:

    The Aces and Eights have two things going for them, the World Title and the ring around Brooke's finger. So if Aries can win the World Title and keep it until BFG, then won't it just be Bully trolling Brooke while Anderson tries to get the title back?

    So at BFG the only way to pay this off is a "Brooke's Marriage On the Line" match. Please please please tell me that means the lawyer Joseph Park will try to put an end to this mess and not... anyone else... brother...

    Again, am I missing something here?
  14. According to Hogan & Bully backstage segment past week, their marriage actually ended.

    But anyway, Aries will win the title, IMO.:yes:
  15. :robbie: Missed that part! YES! WOOT! YIPPIE! NO HOGAN VS BULLY MATCH AT BFG OR SO WE HOPE!

    *Dances around the room like a crazed madman, jumping up and down before tripping over a chair and faceplanting and not caring out of pure glee and starts swimming around on the floor trying to do a jubliant windmill-esque :yes: smiley with the stupid floor being in the way*
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  16. If Aries wins the title, the door is wide open for Hogan vs. Bully to happen, actually.

    But my teflon opinion and prediction is, though: Sting & Hogan vs. Bully & Devon @ BFG.
  17. Very true, but without the Brooke attachment we can still believe, right? :please:

    That's... better... but still hope it lives up to it's teflon status and doesn't stick
  18. Hulk vs Bully, the winner gets Brooke. I'm pretty sure Hogan has been waiting for that for years.
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