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Discussion in 'WWE 2K16 League Archive: PlayStation 4' started by Solidus, May 4, 2016.

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  1. I'm getting lots of private messages about how the PS4 league is terrible for a number of reasons. I've had a quick read through the section and I need some questions answered.

    1: If Frosty is doing everything he should and doing it on time, what's the problem if he's in charge?

    2: Are there any issues with format, rules, etc? If so, what?

    This isn't a thread for petty things (not joining just because of who is running it). I want to get to the core of the problem.
    I've told Frosty that he must be willing to meet participants half way. I'll gladly put someone else in charge if I feel I have to, but you also have to give Frosty a chance to do this properly. Forget any issues you had on TWF, this is a clean slate and I don't want these problems here.

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  2. I think I'm doing fine as a GM. Can anyone point out when I have been late? The big problem is the lack of members and I have been looking into that and have got a few sign ups in the past few days with help from some members who are trying to keep this alive. We all have a past and I'm not going to lie I pissed off a lot of people in mine but I'm trying to put that behind me and move on for the league. Clearly some people might not want to forgive me and move on and that's fine because I'm not going to force these guys to sign up. We will need to work together and get the members we need because 3 matches isn't good at all. We had a few sign ups in the past week so we can probably push it to 4 matches soon. As for the rules I have seen a lot of people wanting their characters back and to mean something. @SupaHeeroh made the rule where our TWF past didn't matter and the PS4 guys didn't take that easy. I think we should say goodbye to that rule and then we might get a few more members (Worth a try) as for the rules we have I think they're fine. These rules have worked for the Xbox league for the past 2 years while the PS league never worked great. The PS league has had like 10 GMs and I don't think a new GM again would be good and I know I won't leave. I'm interested to hear the league members.
  3. Tbh.... I don't think it has anything to do with frosty being in charge, sure he's done the simple things.... But it does look like he still has to answer to Yellow, or take his ideas tbh. I hate this idea on how both the xbox and playstation have to be the exact same. There's no competition or anything (which I loved in the 2k14 league) just barebone exactly as the same as the xbox league. Same booking, same rules, same everything. The whole everyone starting fresh made sense on paper..It really did. But when you only have the twf guys signing up and the guys here not even viewing the thing. It really was a waste of time....Should've just kept it the act same,in my opinion. Kept the same shows, champions and storylines (if everyone signed up that is.) The real issue with the character clean slate thing... Is there's no exciting characters I feel connected or excited about. The way I connect with a new character is watching him slowly develop into a top player..... But it's hard when everyone is on that exact same boat. There's no top guy/character where I think "his development has made him a real main eventer" So when we do that championship tournament, it feels totally worthless... Because no-one deserves to be crowned champion if it's judging on characters, and their development. But even then I still don't think that's the problem. I think everyone is just done with WWE2K16.. There's no excitement there's no story designer, no playing create arena online.... Nothing. I don't know how 2K managed it... But the online is worse off then it was in 2k14. I mean it's much better in 2k16.... But there's still a struggle to get 4 caws in a match together. Everyone is busy with school, college work..... To be playing league matches or promoing. Even promoing feels forced these days.... I made a promo a day ago and I really struggled to keep myself motivated. There's just nothing exciting happening in the game, or the league.

    Anyway that's just my opinion.
  4. I didn't think anyone from here would, this has never been a popular WWE gaming community.
    So, all of you guys are using the same character still? What if you created new ones and worked from there? You all have something to build on.
    I didn't realize the game was bad either, but we could make it more fun away from the game possibly. Introduces league tables if you haven't already, keep win/loss ratios and use them to further push upcoming players who win often. Maybe you could have a "match of the month" type of deal, or similar. Something which gives you something to play for, something to achieve.
    Do you have midcard belts? Something to cash-in?

    One thing I don't understand.. is this mostly about promos and characters, or winning matches in the game? It should be the latter I think.
    These suggestions may be garbage, I know nothing about wrestling leagues really. Just wanna make this better for everyone.
  5. Since this can't get much worse, what'd I do is just have the league have matches. No more weekly shows, occasional promos. You online? Someone else in the league online? You guys play and report it and it gets jotted down. If someone's on a good win streak they can make a promo challenging the champion, they have a match, then they continue. Make it super competitive rather than a mix of matches and promos. That way the champions are the best on the roster and everyone else is fighting to reach the top. If you want to throw in stories, that's great too.
  6. Then when the league is in a good state, ask the members if they like this format or revert to the normal one.

    I think this is a pretty legit idea m8
  7. I disagree whole hearrtedly with Ryan here since I've been in other leagues and 1 of them was run in a "Eh, do what you want manner" and that lasted all of about 2 weeks because there was no structure. Another reason that Ryan's idea wouldn't work is because some people have stuff to do whether it's school, college or work etc and some people may not, so his structure could end up being about who has more time on their hands to play more matches rather than who is actually the better player. And that's another thing I don't get "That way the champions are the best"? We had a tournament that 7 of the 10 members in the league played and that got cut down to just 2 players so I'm pretty sure that the best player in the league at the moment will become champion. And that's my opinion on Ryan's idea.

    Now, for me, the problem doesn't lie in the rules because I've been in leagues with less rules and were much worse so I think the rules are helpful to the league as a whole... The problem is purely a lack of members for me. IMO the league was ran fine with Gino or Mogel in charge on TWF because there was a wealth of active members, we were having a good 6-7 match card every week and most of those matches were getting done, it was great. And the only thing that's different from that time is a new GM, a new Forum and less members. Frosty's been doing a fine job as GM. The Forum seems a lot like TWF so no problem there. So it's the lack of members, which Frosty and friends have been trying to fix and have gotten a few more people to sign up. Now, when I come back from work, I'll try to think of some ideas to get a bigger interest in the leagues but for now, I gotta go, so be on later.
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  8. Is it possible to invite old players from TWF? I've been trying to get others from twitter/fb myself, everyone else could do the same. You'll get results I'm sure.
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  9. It's possible, and we'll have a few members like Geek coming back once he's healed up but that's a route that I think Frosty has taken and every TWF member who's joined have mainly been the guys who's been in the league a long time, with the odd exception. Most of the newer league players who were in the TWF league haven't crossed over for some reason. When I got the time I could go on WWE 2k16 and try to find some people to join the league that way, but that's a long shot.
  10. [​IMG]

    In connection to what @Welsh-Wizard-97 and @Solidus were suggesting about re-establishing contact with old TWF players, ^ this is a major selling point. It was a sticking point with many members of TWF who may well be more willing to come over if they feel like it'll be roughly a continuation of the TWF league. This is big, and not just because of the way I'd developed my character so meticulously in my TWF promos. The main G (or... J?) Jack Rogue will be making the most triumphant of returns in a few weeks' time :emoji_slight_smile:


    This is something entirely different to what a "league" as we know it, is. Same goes for what @Solidus was saying about tables etc, to a lesser degree.

    The name is misleading, that I will give you. But the whole point of a league is that it is modelled after a wrestling promotion, except that everyone has mandatory mic time every week. Weekly shows, PPVs, championships, gimmicks, inventive promos and video packages, backstage attacks, match interference, people feuding (with collaborative ideas and promos coming out of PMs so story arcs aren't spoiled) etc. etc. etc. is not going anywhere, unless you're replacing this kind of "league" with something altogether different which might fit what you're saying.

    Long story short - @Ryan Davis you're drawing more for this idea from the idea of a sports league, with a ranked table and competitive matches and shit, than from anything you could've researched on TWF, or to a lesser extent here.
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  11. That's my point tho. Even if we did create new characters (which everyone has done, including myself) there's still that lack of development that doesn't justify why anyone should care enough to be given a championship shot. Too many new characters in my opinion. The mid card championships are always won by the two losers of the semi finals of the world championship. Which I've never agreed with because it completely kills its prestige before it even begins. Yeah we have win loss ratios and all that stuff... But it's still really plain and boring looking. The game isn't bad... It's just ran its course. Plus the bare bone online really doesn't help.... Like I said it's hard to do anything fun when you can't get 4 caws in the match.
  12. Connection does take a while, but the main reason why the multi-man matches you adore never really happen is because getting 4 people in different time zones to do one thing at one time is a nightmare no matter what's being done. And the game can do nothing about that.
  13. The only reason I "adore" Multi-man matches is because the 2k15 league and our last gm... Played one on one matches to death. You weren't apart of the (near the end) 2k14 league..... So one on one matches probably aren't as big a deal to you... But it was truly remarkable all the different matches on the match card. But yeah the different time zones plays apart...... But if it didn't take so long, it wouldn't be a problem
  14. You are very right in regards to what I'm thinking of, I am talking about changing the foundation of the league, but I thought it was a good idea seeing how the league's state is in right now. Obviously you guys don't like that idea and I get it.
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  15. Would it be better if you continued using characters from twf, and also resuming how it left off?
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  16. It won't really affect me since I'll be sticking with Alice so if that's what everyone else wants then I'm happy.
  17. I only put forward the thing about the leagues starting fresh because I expected people from this forum to sign up. I also didn't expect people to have such a problem with it considering you can still use your old character, just you're in a new place now. I guess it wouldn't matter if it went back so that the history of TWF is incorporated, but I don't see the need of changing the name of the show back or anything like that. Championships should be how they are now and not simply given to the previous champions since we have already began here, and I still don't think there's a need for a different GM either.
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