What's the weather doing?

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  1. I don't think there was a random weather thread so I am making one.

    So yeah, post what the weather is like by you today.

    Right now it is sunny and in the 70's for me. Nice change but I guess we are getting an early summer this year. It is normally in the 30's and 40's this time of year. lol
  2. 78'F Mostly Sunny
  3. It was mostly sunny today, but right now it's about 10°C out there.

    Rain is expected over the next few days, which sucks, because some other towns here got flooded.
  4. Rain. Lots of rain.
  5. It is unbelievably humid here now because it is suposta rain but it is not "hot" outside so I keep going from cold to sweating. This is ridiculous.
  6. It was raining a lot earlier this morning. Glad to see the cold weather has been gone for the past several days and that Springtime is slowly approaching.
  7. Rain rain rain, go away. I think it is like 62 outside.
  8. Rather sunny if mild, starting to feel more Spring like in old London Town. General mood is a lot more positive when spring gets under way
  9. 53 with overcast
  10. 60 something again today but we will be seeing snow the end of the week... uggg
  11. 79/Sunny. Feels like HELL though :why: . I'm a cold weather person.
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  12. 44 and rain here... Feels like England. WHERE'S MY TEA!?
  13. It's 86 lovely degrees.
  14. 95+

    I'm about to die.
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  15. The weather here is being an indecisive preteen right now. Hoping it evens out soon. lol Going to be 80 tomorrow.
  16. Tropical storm cause hurricane rolled through somewhat close. But it was 97 so it was even worse.
  17. Its about 80 here now and its 9 pm. :harvey:

  18. ABout 70. Raining pretty hard. Bored af
  19. Wadsworth/Rittman Ohio.... Rainy, cloudy, and around 60
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