What's to dislike about Triple H?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Red Rain, Feb 3, 2015.

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  1. It's been nearly 5 years now since HHH has been a full time in ring competitor.
    We've all had a chance to sit back and look at the rear view mirror at this superstar.
    He was vilified for so many years, but do you still that way?
    What do you dislike about Triple H?

    There was the Jericho burial, the long count against Booker T at WM19 and even the Katie Vick deal.
    Even today, is it fair to pin HHH any sort of hate?

    Looking back, none of it was so bad. Am I alone here in saying we vilified HHH far too much all these years?
  2. What's to dislike about Hunter? Absolutely nothing, the guy's a legend.
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  3. Have always loved him.
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  4. I love triple h. I arguably think he's the best heel ever.
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  5. I do hate his big nose, however. :boohoo:
  6. The main reason people criticized HHH in the past is because of that "reign of terror" from late 2002-2005 that we all had to suffer through.

    But looking over his entire career objectively, he's one of the biggest legends the business has ever seen and definitely the GOAT heel right behind Mr. McMahon and "Hollywood" Hulk Hogan. He's also the bright future that WWE needs when McMahon dies/retires.
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  7. I've actually never hated him and didn't really realize why people did anyway. They would usually just reference his Evolution days and that he married into the business.
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  8. I've always loved the guy.
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  9. The only thing to dislike about him is that he's the one who locked down Steph, lucky bastard.
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  10. seriously....she's so hot....you know damn well he's hitting that ass nightly. lol

    She even said in a howard stern interview that "she's down to try anything" when referencing any kind of sexual intercourse. lol
  11. Yeah, even butt stuff.
  12. True. In hindsight, that reign of terror wasn't so bad. Neither of his conquests during that time could truly hold a candle to him when you consider the pay off at the end for Batista and Chris Benoit.
    Speaking of Evolution, he bred Batista and Orton. He never gave up on them even when it seemed it would be easy. The two have turned out fine, because HHH always spoke up for his guys.

    Bret Hart has nothing good to say about him personally or professionally. He's seen no good HHH match. What a shock? Thanks, for being completely subjective.
    Of course Bret loves Punk, which is no surprise considering how butt hurt and bitter both men are.
    Hart is my favorite wrestler, but the dude lets me down when he basically craps on HHH. HHH burned Bret 1997. It happened and for good reason. Stop trashing a bigger legend than you are. #RespectSon
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  13. I would prob die of happiness getting that ass just once lol.
  14. Even during the reign of terror i didn't particularly hate the guy. I always thought he worked hard, had a good sense about the business and earned his status.

    People do think he rode shawn michaels' coattails but i never thought so. Sure it may have gotten him noticed at first but nah.

    The guy knows where to take the company and can't wait to see what he does when he gets complete control.
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  15. I obviously dont know him personally but him and hbk both come off as two dudes that are comftorable lying right to your face. Those type of people I dont really dig. Im happy he is going to run raw eventually though. Just would never want to have to do business with a guy like that. Just my opinion, what do I know
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  16. This is a trivial question, mostly hypothetical, but if HBK doesnt find himself, you think HHH leads DX? Then HBK leaves again and Triple HHH becomes a great heel. I remember when HHH was getting his big push (several several years into his career REIGNS luvers) my mom straight wouldnt let me watch wwe because of the whole date rapey thing. Obvy since I wasnt allowed I started to like him #rebel. He earns my respect, becuase he had some setbacks (kliq farewell, dude jobbed for awhile after that) I just think HHH did benefit everytime HBK left until he finally made his mark with the whole corporation\ministry/dx deal. I would say he did ride off HBK for awhile, but thats how you build a star. Triple H knows.
  17. How do you figure they come off as "comfortably lying right to your face?"
  18. Cutting heel promos on RAW most weeks.
  19. lol being a good actor is one thing. Doesn't really mean ur good at this in real life and ur an asshole. Some of the most honest and kind people u meet can totally play an awesome bad guy.
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  20. What? You're crazy.
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