what's up with jack Ssssswagger ?!

Discussion in 'RAW' started by fjsilvia, Aug 30, 2012.

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  1. so what's really happening to swagger?! from WORLD Champion to fighting with ryback like LOCALS and he's not even winning:slater: It must be 'cause of Vicki Guerrero...the break-up must've been really devastating! :shovel:i think she's really good at it! :smug:
  2. I'll move this to the right section (RAW) for you :emoji_slight_smile:

    Swagger was apparently in the dog house (when those backstage are punishing you), thus losing matches and becoming practically irrelevant.
  3. First off just to be clear and so you don't end up with someone meaner than me breaking this to you. You do know that wrestling is scripted right? They aren't fighting for real.

    And like my friend Crayo recently stated Swagger is/was in the doghouse. Partially for getting cocky when he was given a world title run and also for smoking pot apparently.

  4. why you gotta ruin kayfabe, stopwatch. :upset:
  5. I think management have given up on him and are just jobbing him out Jack Swagger deserves better I think he should quit WWE and go TNA
  6. He would do a lot better in tna
  7. I just can't see Swagger in TNA. I'm pretty sure he'll stick with WWE despite however bad it is.
  8. I think they're playing the "downward spiral" thing with him, based on his last match with Ryback. He's also young if I recall correctly, so I think he's still got a shot.
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