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Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Star Lord, Aug 22, 2013.

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  1. Random Thread. Just posts whats on your mind and whats going on and random stuff that doesnt need threads and what not. Good for when only a few members are on.

    Right now I just really want to watch iMPACT tonight


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    Styles back with his old stuff AWEEEEEEEEEEEESOME!

  2. Downloaded Photoshop earlier. Gonna make something, don't know what.
  3. I will request something then :emoji_grin:

    Can I get an Austin Aries sig please?
  4. Eh. Was thinking an avatar. lmfao

  5. :okay:Aries Avatar then haha
  6. Tutorials on youtube and stuff man :emoji_grin:
  7. You wanna know what's up? The sky is up,mystery solved. /thread
  9. What's updog?
  10. Nothin much, Yourself?
  11. Hey R-Truth. :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:P
  12. It's an easy file-selecting process.

    1. Just put the brush files you just downloaded wherever you wanna put them (there's already a brush folder somewhere in the depths of the photoshop files, but I couldn't be arsed looking for it, so I have like 2 brush folders, lmao)
    2. Go onto Photoshop
    3. Press the brush icon [​IMG]
    4. Then you should see a circular icon with a number under it and a really small triangle next to it. If you click the black triangle, there should be a drop-down menu like so: [​IMG]
    5. At the top-right of that drop down menu, you see another black triangle in a circle. Click it and you should see these options: [​IMG]
    6. Click the highlighted option in the picture, "Load Brushes" and a window should pop up that would most likely be the default brush folder I mentioned earlier. If you wanna save all your downloaded brushes in that folder, it's fine, but if you wanna' save them elsewhere like I do, it's fine as well. You just find wherever you saved the downloaded brushes and select the brush file and it should automatically be added to your brush list in the drop down menu of the brushes selections.
    I usually just keep adding all the brushes I downloaded in one list, but if your brush list gets too messy and tedious, just select the "Reset Brushes" option above the "Load Brushes" option and it'll reset your all your downloaded list of brushes to the default brushes (the earlier image of the drop down list of brushes are all the default brushes) and just load the brushes you want over again to keep it neater and stuff.

    So yeah :smug:
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