Music What's with all of the hate on 2000's music ?

Discussion in 'Gaming & Media' started by jminter2698, Sep 8, 2018.

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  1. Most of the time whenever the 2000's is brought up, it's always being compared to the decades before it like the 90's or earlier when I bet a lot of the music you like is from the 2000's. More specifically the earlier half of the decade, I listened to a lot of rap music at the time and it was pretty good up until 06 or 07 in my opinion, maybe the bad stuff is oversaturated to the point where they think the older years were better but there was a lot of crap even back then, you just don't remember it.
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  2. Rose. Colored. Glasses. My friend.
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  3. I was watching a Snoop Dogg interview earlier today on the Breakfast Club. Lemme link what he said.
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  4. Rap went down hill for the most part around 06/07. Not saying it all sucks now but most of what is mainstream does to me. Not a fan of mumble rap or trap rap.
    Give me Bone Thugs, Nas, Tupac, Kayne (2011 and before), Wu Tang, Tech N9ne over what people consider great today. That is my taste though. Music is subjective.

    As for everything else, I stopped listening to mainstream for the most part around 2010. I listen to older songs I still enjoy now and then but mostly stick to gaming music (no lyrics).
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  5. Because it's actually bad.

    Almost every mainstream pop song in the 2000s was written by one of like, three people. Don't listen to rap so don't really know what it was like in the 2000s or care, mainstream rock went downhill really hard. Metal in the 2000s was pretty solid if you ignored all the metalcore bands riding the nuts of the decent ones like Killswitch Engage. EDM also took over as the prevalent electronic genre in the later years of the decade and most of that is tailored towards the club scene so it's all incredibly generic.

    Wouldn't call it nostalgia for the 90s, I was born in the 90s but the 2000s were my formative years so to say, so in my case I tend to look at most 2000s music objectively.
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  6. Agree a younger kid said Teen Titans is from the 90's and I said no it's 2003. Also people say 90's baby and they probably were newborns by the end of the 90's
  7. I really enjoyed a lot of the metal that decade. The best stuff from that era is hard to touch.
    Though I consider myself more of a straight rock guy at heart, just misplaced because goodness gracious that genre turned heel on itself in the 2000's something fierce.
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  8. there's a lot of bangers from the 2000's. People just like the music when they were kids. The same thing that old people said in the 90s is the same thing what you guys are saying today. It's just natural.

    Old people fucking hated Elvis
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    Teen Titans is from the 70's dude
  9. Nobody remembers that lmao. I meant the animated series that almost every kid watched during that time and is rumored to come back after the movie of the new series
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  10. oh shit lol. How did I miss that lol? I recall that series being a big deal.
  11. It's ok Captain America is from the 40's I think and I bet nobody cared until The Avengers or our generation
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    I remember as a kid there was a made for TV movie of Captain America that looked really cheap
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