What's with this hankering for TV 14?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Stopspot, Oct 23, 2012.

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  1. I seriously do not get why fans seem to think that changing to TV 14 will "save" the WWE. There is no guarantee that TV 14 would make the product better. Age ratings do not set the quality of the show, writing and performance does. And there is no guarantee that if magically changed WWE to TV 14 that the writers would just turn into Shakespeares.

    WWE can do almost all they did under the PG banner, it is not a set rule, rather a guideline. They can still do compelling storylines featuring mature and adult themes. PG does not mean childrens programming but family programming. Allowing wrestlers to swear more freely and blade (all of which is allowed under TV PG WWE just chooses not to.) won't make the show better, it's cheap enhancers that you cannot build a show around.

    In my opinion the hankering for TV 14 is the desperate plea of fans who doesn't want to take the time to think out constructive ways to help WWE. TV PG is not to blame, the way WWE and RAW itself is run is the problem.

    Why do you think fans hamper for TV 14?
  2. Swearing isn't allowed under PG, and blading is banned no matter what the rating, because of health issues.

    You say they can have the same storylines, which is true, however do you honestly find "Lil Jimmy" funny? I mean come on. WWE has to cater to the kids with that BS, if it was TV-14 there'd be less of that and more egilerating matches, that tell a story with their 'edginess'
  3. They stopped the blading pure for the health care.

    But I think it's easy for them to say to have it back on TV-14 again.

    Maybe it's a good thing, to have more of an old spice to the stories. Like they had around 2000-2007. Bringing it back a little wouldn't harm WWE, even on PG manners.
  4. Parental Guidance Suggested
    This program contains material that parents may find unsuitable for younger children. Many parents may want to watch it with their younger children. The theme itself may call for parental guidance and/or the program may contain one or more of the following: some suggestive dialogue (D), infrequent coarse language (L), some sexual situations (S), or moderate violence (V).


    I agree w/ the thread, but it's nothing that hasn't been said 8 billion times
  5. Exactly, it's not the rating that's a problem, it's the lazy booking. WWE turning TV-14 won't do anything except maybe add more "ass", "bitch", and more censored words on top of a shitty product, and maybe some sex scenes or sex jokes. Who cares about more blood, they still use it every once in a while, which is better then using blood every week since it makes attack look worse. Nothing better will happen if WWE turns to 14, it's the booking that's the problem. If you need cussing and sex jokes to make a problem look good, you're not a wrestling fan, you're just odd. Go to stand up comedy for that stuff, WWE just needs good booking and better storylines is all.
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  6. If I had the choice of more blood or less blood give me less blood all day. Same with gimmick matches. These types of things should be saved for only the feuds that scream for it. Roode/Storm was a perfect use of both a gimmick match and blood. Back in the day nobody cared if someone was bleeding because it happened in multiple matches at every PPV and even on Raw most weeks.

    With some of this shit less is more.
  7. Been discussed here many times, thankfully most of our members actually agree that PG is absolutely fine. WWE targeting their product to children literally has nothing to do with it being PG, it wasn't this directed at kids a few years ago, it has slowly gone down that road over the years. No one quite knows the complete answer, but it's mixed with many things like Linda's campaign, finances and Vince not understanding his audience at all.
  8. I think they actually waste time with all of the segments. If they just went into the ring and had great matches than this wouldn't even matter. We have a 20 minute segment with AJ Lee and no commercial but 5 minutes into a Bryan match we go to break? That's just pitiful
  9. There's rarely as many hardcore matches as there used to be. The storylines were more edgier and superstars weren't limited in their speech as much. We'll also have less PG crap like hornswoggle and brodus clay. If you're a hornswoggle fan I can see where you might find a problem with this
  10. just look at the bryan/kane storyline thats been very entertaining and thats pg it just goes that its not thd rating its the creativity thats the issue
  11. I made an epic post explaining this whole thing here: http://wweforums.net/showthread.php?tid=12837&pid=271207#pid271207

    In short, there is very little difference between PG and TV-14. If you look back through all the years when WWE was TV-14, the grand majority of what they did could have been done under a PG rating. For example, just pull a random year out, like say 2005. Most all of what was done that year could have been done in a PG era - Triple H/Batista feud, Triple H/Flair feud, Orton/Undertaker feud, Cena/JBL feud, Cena/Jericho feud, Cena/Angle feud, Batista/JBL feud, Batista/Eddie feud, Eddie/Rey feud, all the midcard stuff, etc. For the most part, only the incredibly useless bra and panties matches could not be done in today's WWE. Which is kind of a double edged sword for me, because I thought most of the divas back then were generic and just averagely attractive at best, whereas the divas today are much hotter in general, so I would actually love bra and panties matches to come back. But meh, it's a minor complaint, I suppose.
  12. It's the only thing that's entertaining. When TV-14 was in place, everything was entertaining
  13. hardly.
  14. if that's hardly than it's non-existant now
  15. I think people normally connect TV 14 to entertaining storylines due to past times when booking was good, and WWE was TV 14, but no real relation. If the storylines are crappy these days and the product is aimed towards kids, that has nothing to do with PG.
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  16. People seem to neglect that also WWE was PG before 14, and it was still very good.
  17. The difference between now and then is that there were more wrestlers with gimmicks. Now wrestlers are just people with the exception of very few and the gimmicks back then were more over the top than the ones now.

    What I think went wrong is that the Attitude Era brought about this age of realness. Less gimmicks and more real people and it worked because people weren't limited as to what they wanted to say because of TV-14.

    When PG came back WWE failed to recognize what made it successful were the gimmicks. Now there's a whole bunch of wrestlers who are just people and not as over the top like the 80's. It's like trying to run the attitude era under PG, as if trying to satisfy both types of fans. It's not working IMO, it's similar to the reason why Jerry Springer isn't PG, it doesn't work well because then it'd just be civil people talking out their differences and who wants to see that.
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  18. Creative and Vince's Brain is the problem.
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