What's your biggest ever mark out moment?

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  1. Surprised no one made this before. What's your biggest all time mark out moment?
  2. CM Punk Leaving with the WWE Champion in his Home Town on the last day of his COntract at the MITB PPV beatingthat KUNG POW BITCH!

    DX taking over WCW was my fav until this though!

  3. Mankind getting thrown from the Cell back in 1998.

  4. It probably helps that I was a 7 year old mark at the time, but I nearly shat myself watching this happen. After months and months of Sting chilling in the rafters, coming down to test the loyalties of WCW guys.. he finally comes down and shows his true colors cleaning house on the NWO. Sorry the sound is off in that video
  5. Classic moments: Hogans Heel turn comes to mind.

    In recent memory: I marked out to Road Dogg at the rumble to a surprising degree.
  6. That Sting video is a nice post.
  7. THIS!

  8. Edge Live Sex Celebration.
  9. CM Punk doing that shoot promo and also winning the WWE title

    Kelly Kelly winning her first ever divas championship

    Brock Lesnar returning

    Rock beating Cena at Wrestlemania 28
  10. HHH returning in 2002.

    DX feud with the McMahons and the Spirit Squad in 2006.
  11. Mine currently is the thought of Foley & Dean!


    #softcorebitch lmfao
  12. Bryan returning to WWE at Survivor Series.

    Punk winning the WWE title at Money in the Bank.

  13. I also would like to add Mae Young returning on SmackDown Blast From The Past to it.
  14. Didn't think of the top, though it was a crap return and I completely expected it.
  15. I AGREE WITH ALOT OF THE! Finally we have someone on here that SMART!
  16. Despite it being obvs but at the time as a ECW fan.

    Tazz debuting in WWE. MASSIVE for me.
  17. Austin winning the belt at Wrestlemania 14. I was 10, still thought wrestling was real (I think), was a huge Austin fan and it was also my first Wrestlemania.

    I hated Hogan as a heel so much that I marked really hard when Piper beat him at Starrcade '96 (even though it wasn't for the title) and also when Luger won the belt from him on Nitro five days before Road Wild '97.

    I was also uber excited when Jericho showed up on Raw in August '99.
  18. Chris Jericho returning in 2007.

    When Stone Cold stunned Goldberg right out of WWE.

    Randy Orton winning his first WHC from Chris Beniot. I went completely insane.

    Those are the ones that just come to mind.
  19. Hell yeah. :austin:
  20. Not my biggest but a big recent one was Punk's title win at SVS. The big celebration and the crowd singing to COP was golden.
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