Whats Your Daily Routine?

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  1. Whats your daily routine?

    Weekdays: Wake up, School/College (Some days I have classes at school others College), Browse the interwebz, play some league play, watch breaking bad, go out, DDPYoga, Raw/Smackdown/PPV on some days, Bed.

    Staurday: Wakeup, DDPYoga, Lunch, Browse interwebz, league play, go out, dinner, random stuff, bed.

    Sunday: wakeup, DDPYoga or go for a run, Wrestling, lunch, wrestling, bus home, browse interwebz, sleep.

  2. wake up, shower, go to my wonderful job, do work, walk home, exercise, make some damn good food for dinner, chill on here, watch docs/tv shows. Fuck bitches. Drink.
  3. Depends really on what my plans are.
    > Wake Up
    > Check Phone
    > Shower
    > Eat Breakfast
    > Hop on Internet/TV
    > Do some other shit, eat or above
    > Gym
    > Dinner
    > Internet
    > Sleep

    This if I usually have no plans.
  4. Depends on the day, but basically wake up, shower, search the interwebz, have breakfast, go out and have fun and sleep.
  5. Average Weekday: get up between 7-9am, have a quick breakfast, take my pet Yorkie Terrier for a walk. Then if my mum isnt working, we sometimes go for a day out shopping or visiting family. If my mum is working, i normally try and do some housework (mostly get sidetracked) then i just play on the Xbox or play Dota 2 on the PC or check my emails.
    Normal Weekend: Usually travel into Leeds with friends to just hang out then spend some quality time with my mum and my pet Yorkie Terrier :emoji_slight_smile:
  6. -Wake up
    -Check phone
    -Have a cuppa outside, lie there if it's sunny for an hour or so.
    -Watch TV
    -Walk dog
    -Watch TV/Xbox/PC / Go out if I am
  7. During the work week, my day looks like this:

    Wake up
    Take a shower
    Eat breakfast
    Go to work
    Head home
    Make and eat dinner
    Relax watching TV/going on the forums/reading/etc.
    Go to bed
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    06:45 AM | Alarm goes off, ignore.
    07:40 AM | Alarm goes off, ignore.
    08:30 AM | Alarm goes off. Realise I start work at 9:30.
    08:31 AM | Get out of bed.
    08:32 AM | Cleanse myself.
    08:45 AM | Make food.
    08:55 AM | Leave house
    09:16 AM | Catch bus for work.
    10:02 AM | Get off bus. Walk to second bus stop.
    10:16 AM | Get second bus.
    10:24 AM | Get off second bus. Walk to work.
    10:32 AM | Arrive at work.
    10:34 AM | Get in elevator with "other people", hence-forth known as "fucking idiots"
    10:34 AM | Fucking idiots forget key combination for their floor. Elevator starts to go up anyway.
    10:35 AM | Fucking idiots run out of attempts. Elevator gets confused, stops half way, goes back down.
    10:36 AM | Fucking idiots get back out on ground floor to go to help desk. Mash "Close door" button.
    10:37 AM | Enter "5". Enter Code correctly. Wait.
    10:37 AM | Arrive at work. Walk to desk.
    10:38 AM | "Heh, evening!", "Haha, evening James!". Fuck you James.
    10:40 AM | Printer jams. Fix it.
    10:50 AM | Find ticket assigned to me. Title: "Broken". Contents: "it broke help". From: "Steven"
    10:51 AM | Walk over to Steven, "Yeah it's like..." turn on computer, "...broken not sure what..." walk away.
    10:59 AM | Wonder how little I could do while making it look like I'm working...
    11:00 AM | Oh well, break time. Eat sandwich at desk while browsing the internet.
    11:20 AM | Still on break.
    11:30 AM | Finish break.
    11:31 AM | Start writing game that takes code and generates a playable level through the source, allowing me to play games while making it look like I'm doing work.
    11:46 AM | Get "Chat" message from Boss sitting directly opposite me.
    11:46 AM | "Get that profit calculator finished?".
    11:48 AM | "Not yet, there's a few bugs I need to iron out. Idiot clients sent over the wrong calculations." The calculations were fine.
    11:59 AM | "Typical. Reply to the ticket that's open will ya?"
    12:01 AM | Sigh. Open ticket system. Reply: "Calculator is on hold due to certain complications. For any further information regarding the calculator, please create a ticket passing your ID: 10t."
    12:02 BM | Well shit, lunch time.
    12:03 CM | Get in elevator, press 0.
    12:05 DM | Elevator stops at 4th floor. Oh for fu-
    12:05 EM | Doors open.
    12:05 FM | Doors close. Nobody gets in.
    12:06 GM | Arrive at ground level, go into canteen.
    12:08 HM | Notice menu. Notice it's been the same exact menu for 8 months. Sigh.
    12:10 IM | Order chips.
    12:14 JM | Get back to desk.
    12:14 KM | Printer jams. Fix it.
    12:15 LM | Browse BOFH. Eat chips. Realise cardboard probably doesn't taste that bad.
    12:20 MM | Continue creating the game.
    12:21 NM | Printer jams. Fix it.
    12:23 OM | Get back to desk, read over what I've just written Four times.
    12:30 PM | Printer jams. Put "Printer out of order" sticker on printer. Switch it off.
    13:24 QM | Clair: "Why ain't the printer on? I need to print". "It's out of order, there was a sign", "WELL FIX IT". Resist urge to kill.
    13:24 RM | Take sign off printer. Turn printer back on. Silently swear at the deathly machine, hoping one day to affectionaly hug it several times with a baseball bat while listening to the Geto Boys.
    13:25 SM | Printer jams trying to turn on. Mash "Force paper" button to torture printer.
    13:26 TM | Return to desk, resume game.
    13:37 UM | Realise time, resume tradition of typing Konami code into whatever program/page I have open.
    13:50 VM | Boss: "Need you to go do some support, it'll only take a few minutes. Mac-boy needs some help with HTML. ... Yeah him, the web designer."
    16:32 WM | Return to desk. Hug my five-buttoned mouse.
    16:50 XM | Printer jams. Fix i- Printer fixes itself as I arrive. LEL EPIC TROLD.
    17:20 YM | Get pulled into meeting. Manage to get reading material that I was given for meeting stuck in my tie. Don't ask.
    17:50 ZM | Shut down computer. Turn off monitors. Log out of phone. Pick up bag.
    17:54 AN | Walk away from desk to Elevators.
    17:59 BN | Printer jams. Fuck it.
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  9. >Wake Up
    >Fall back asleep
    >Wake up again
    >Takes a shower
    >Brush my teeth
    >Cleans house
    >Go to the store
    >Goes Online

    Rest of the day varies if I work or not.

    If I do work:
    >Do laundry
    >Take second shower
    >Go to work
    >Day is over

    If I dont work:

    >Go hang out
    >Come home and stay online until late
  10. 1) It took you nearly three hours when your boss said only a few minutes. Lol'd. Dickhead boss.
    2) Fuck your printer.
    3) Fuck James.
    4) How did you get reading material stuck in your tie?

    Post aimed Coon
  11. - Sleep
    - Work
    - Chill
    - Watch wrestling
    - Browse forums
    - Listen to music
    - Eat
    - Watch Suits,Breaking Bad,and, Duck Dynasty
    - Get my dick wet
    - Sleep some more
  12. Found the crease where the tie is knitted together, saw folded paper in my hands. Looked around at the other people, everyone else was either listening intently or heading to the Oscars to pick up their award for "Best looks-like-he-gives-a-shit impression" award. Slipped the paper in while I was looking at the speaker, then couldn't figure out how to get it back out again.

    "You were all given a copy right?"
    "I didn't get one."
  13. Why do you eat lunch at 12:02am? Btw, long ass hours.
  14. Dedication.

    Fixed it.
  15. My normal weekday:
    -Wake up
    -Browse the Internet
    -Maybe watch an episode of a TV Show or do my howework while eating breakfast
    -Go to classes
    -Lunch with Friends. I usually eat lots of Fish Fillet and Mixed Vegetables.
    -Go back to classes
    -Go back to dorm
    -Browse the interwebs until 12 AM
    -Wake up at 2AM


    -Wake up
    -Browse The Internet
    -Never leave bed
    -Deliver food to my room
  16. Working Days no times as they vary due to my crummy shifts changing daily but

    - wake up
    - The 3 S's
    - Go work
    - cheeky pint
    - get home
    - cook or be cooked for
    - watch tv with my gf or chill to some tunes
    - go bed

    Non work days

    - wake up
    - 3 S's
    - watch wrestling
    - nookie
    - go for lunch somewhere an a walk
    - relax and read

    Standard stuff really sometimes nights out or gigs get thrown in the mix but pretty basic.
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