What's your favorite part of WWEF?

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Solidus, Jan 1, 2015.

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  1. I saw like 5 medals get awarded...

    I usually spend my time in threads I created or I'm watching. If you asked 3 months ago...IWT all the way.
  2. I'm just the spammer in the NFL threads these days, waiting for Impact to come back.
    May try to come back to the subforums, too.
    Other than that, it's just the people. Someone bring up the Wayne's World gif.
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  3. I'm proud of you, son.
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  4. The favorite part of WWEF, hmm... We The People.

    Well, I'm pretty much all over the place.
    The WWE and Backstage sections are the ones I visit most of the time, I'm mostly active in those parts.

    But, the 'Other Wrestling' section needs some love, too. I wish there were weekly discussions for great products like ROH, for instance. PWG and NJPW shows could use some more activity and love. TNA and Lucha Underground, they get some love. But, the ones I mentioned earlier also need it. Here's to hoping we boost some more activity in 2K15 in those sections.
  5. Recent Activity is probably my most lurked page. Other than Team Showoff and anything that isn't really wrestling oriented is the section I lurk the most.
  6. I'd say that I post the most in the private sections, but I mostly tend to lurk through the forum list until I see a thread that seems interesting.
  7. The Funniest part about being here is Meeting all of the sweetest members on here (U know who u are)
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  8. Oh, we know... I mean, I know. :happy:
  9. :willis:
  10. :smug:
  11. There's nothing funny about WWEForums. We do srs business here.:henry:
  12. I m
    I ment favorite the spell check was on my bad
  13. Lol be quite I kno what ur thinking
  14. K :adr:
  15. Women of Wrestling, TNA (LOL)
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  16. Sports section is what I like
  17. It was the NFL Fantasy league on here, but still the sports section.
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  18. I Lurk around IWT And Locker Room. :emoji_slight_smile: