What's your favorite PPV and why?

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Zach, Sep 21, 2012.

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  1. For me, it is Royal Rumble. There's just something about it that gets me so excited. You never know what's going to happen and the RR match is always so much fun to watch.
  2. I like the Royal Rumble too :emoji_grin: although the last few winners haven't been good :finger:
  3. WM, just because of the atmosphere around it.
  4. for me WM has too much hype. my expectations are way too high for it. id be left disappointed no matter how good the product is :((
  5. :cry: WM is the best.
  6. ECW One Night Stand were my favorite PPVs. It was cool to see ECW extremists again and the atmosphere felt like ECW was back in the day.
  7. WM or RR. They always feel special. Plus, I always get to watch RR live, so that's a bonus.
  8. Used to love Armageddon and Summerslam, but mostly Armageddon because my favourite match ever was on it.
  9. I used to love No Way Out (Before 2009).
    The reason for that are the Elimination Chamber matches.
    Another would have to be Unforgiven or No Mercy.
  10. RR for the build up and the suprises

    WM the stadiums the stages and the matches make it my fav. but not far behind RR
  11. Honestly the last couple of years I've grown to love MITB
  12. The MITB matches to me are equivalent to the Royal Rumble match. Pretty much the only reason I watch the PPV. The best part, no question about it. Always a good way to put over mid carders and younger talents.
  13. Royal rumble is awesome
  14. Got a lot. TLC, Wrestlemania, Elemination Chamber, Royal Rumble

    TLC: I like TLC matches.
    Wrestlemania: Grandest Stage of Them All
    Elimination Chamber: I like EC matches.
    Rumble: Road to Wrestlemania begins!

    From TNA, Slammiversary and BFG.

    Slammiversary: The first TNA PPv I watches :emoji_slight_frown:
    BFG: Great matches and storylines.
  15. TLC, since it's usually a quality PPV, although last year it went downhill.

    So, guess it's the unpredictable, star-making nature of MITB and Royal Rumble. :yay:
  16. Wrestlemania. Why? Because its the only PPV with entertaining and interesting storylines that makes me want to buy it. Also the matches are built up well and not just put together like other PPVs.
  17. Night Of Champions because, It's the time when the Champions get to go against the #1 contenders and show if it's they're time to shine.
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