What's your favorite "version" of Daniel Bryan?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Zach, Dec 9, 2012.

  1. For example:
    WHC Bryan
    US Champ Bryan
    Nexus Bryan
    Tag Team Bryan
    Bryan when he was going after the WWE Championship

    Personally I liked him best wehn he was the US CHamp.
  2. My favorite version was right before he became WHC. A close second is his Nexus time because he was over looked and used the line " I dont know what daniel bryan will do, he can't even beat rookies, But Bryan Danielson, who knows what he will do."
  3. My personal favorite Bryan would have to be him when he was United State's Champion. He was more focused back then. When he was with Nexus, he was just a lacky to Wade Barrett, didn't like him as WC for the fact that he was just a bitter version of himself, couldn't stand his going after the WWE Championship side cause he was a man possess, and didn't like his tag team now cause he is a joke now. That's why I liked him when he was United State's Champion cause he was like more focused, serious and had his goals accomplished.
  4. Honestly I think he has done his best wrestling while US Champ.

    LIke look at this, he's so good in this match.
  5. Damn, that has to be match of the year. Hopefully that's a future wwe championship match.
  6. I remember when I first watched it, I marked out so hard. Hopefully it is! They both compliment each other very well in the ring and they are both extremely hard workers. Their in ring styles work very well together.
  7. I'm about to watch that match now. Thanks for posting it. The way ziggler took those kicks was amazing.
  8. He isn't regarded by many as the best in ring worker for nothing! Enjoy.

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  9. This is when Daniel Bryan worked at his best and his elevation in this match proved that he can do more then others. He was allowed to show off his toughness and resilient attitude. Now he is not that anymore. Daniel Bryan is a hard worker, he just needs to go back to this way.
  10. Honestly he's gone down in my books since he started growing out his beard. :idontcare:
  11. US Champ Bryan
  12. I want him as a world champ just as long as he wrestles like he did in the match i posted. every time.
  13. To me the beard didn't do it, to me he went down after losing to Cm Punk and getting involved in a love triangle.
  14. Ziggler cashes , dbry wins RR , at wrestlemania dbry becomes new HWC :yes:
  15. That would be sweet. I would mark hard for a DBry/DZ match at WM 29.
  16. ROH Champ when they invaded CZW
  17. Kayfabe-wise I can understand liking Bryan as US champ, but I really can't enjoy that part. I mean, I was (and still am) a Bryan mark and enjoyed seeing him winning matches and stuff but his booking was horrible. He had no character, wrestled 5-minute matches on Raw, never had any mic time and all we had was that storyline with the Bellas. OK, he wrestled great PPV matches but that's something he always will do when he gets time. So because of his horrible face character I won't pick his US title reign, has to be during his WHC reign after his heel turn. When the Yes thing started, his arrogant promos and stuff, actually having a character (and THE beard), it was awesome. I'm down for a badass Bryan down the road where he just kicks people's heads in (and isn't treated as a "nerd").
  18. WHC Daniel Bryan for one reason *flashback*
    AJ: *plays for Daniel Bryan in wwe12 tournament and loses*
    Bryan: "AJ...get out of the ring...now"
    AJ: "but.."
    Bryan: "NOW!!!"
    *major crowd pop*

    Gotta love a good ol' domestic dispute
  19. Yeah, we was getting very over/heat with that.

    "SHUT UP."
  20. I find the current DB the best tbh, his character is very interesting and funny.
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