What's your favourite finisher of all times in WWE??

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by shrayan, Jul 15, 2012.

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  1. WWEis famous for giving its superstars their own signature finifhing move which reflects the character he is portraying as well.However, from a long list of cool moves and awesome finishers what are your favourite 2 finishers of them all. Also state why.

    Mine are Goldberg's ''JACKHAMMER '' as it is the only move from which nobody has ever kicked out plus it's super cool to see Bill Goldberg perform a super-duper-supleix on a otherwise vunerable opponent........ plus the tongue and all..........I still love that stuff BOY!!
    My other favourite one is WMD
  2. Gotta be the RKO because i love the speed and how it can come out of no where!

    And sweet chin music for the same reason

    I guess i just love it when these guys pull out a win from no where :pity:
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  3. Sharpshooter or figure four leg lock.
  4. I officially love you bro! :emoji_slight_smile:)
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  5. GTS for me and Cross Rhodes
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  6. Chokeslam!!
  7. heart punch... game over
  8. undertaker tomb stone
  9. Haha :win:
  10. I really like Piper's sleeper tbh, it's now considered a "classic" rest hold but he really cranked it in at times. He looked like he was choking someone out with his expression alone.
  11. These..

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  12. ^ nice ones :emoji_grin:
  13. :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:erfect: Awesome choices Tortilla!
  14. Gracias. :cool:
  15. I said ''your favourite'' 2 finishers.........but still if you love them all that is all right Tortilla.
  16. Just saw the title and started posting them, did not read your desciption.. :umad:
  17. Punk's GTS for sure. I especially love when he tries to do it on guys that weigh 280 lbs + and botches the shit out of it.
  18. Came here expecting you to post Ace's diamond cutter.
  19. It's called an Ace Crusher you disrespectful degenerate.
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