What's your favourite type of match?

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  1. Now there are many different kinds of matches, from a 60 minute iron man match where a wrestler must show their strength and stamina over an hour by gaining more points than their opponent to claim victory, to a tuxedo match where the objective is for parents to allow their child to watch a grown man being stripped down to his underwear while they convince themselves that they're doing an awesome job at raising their kid. But out of all of the stipulations there are, what would you say is your favourite? Here is a list of them.

    This is an easy choice for me. Nothing in my mind can top a triple threat TLC tag team title match. with the added uncertainty of who could win by having three teams, it allows for many creative and extreme moments that will never let you forget the match. this match is my all time favourite:

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  2. My favorite gimmick match is probably Money in the Bank. Or the Rumble if that counts.
  3. My favourite type of match is either The Elimination Chamber or Hell In A Cell. Because matches that take place in either are just brutal and action packed!
  4. Have always liked Iron Man matches the best. The worst for me was TNAs king of the mountain, that may be the dumbest concept for a match.
  5. I don't know... the Rumble, MITB, Chamber, HIAC...
  6. I love loser leave the company matches. Everybody knows the loser will be leaving for a better opportunity or returning later for a big storyline. All those attending in the stands are happy for the loser and the match is usually superb.
  7. TLC, Elimination Chamber or Royal Rumble.
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