What's Your Opinion About Video game Inspired Crimes?

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  1. Most of us have all heard these stories on the news about how people commit crimes and say they were inspired by a movie or something but most of the time they say they were inspired by video games like GTA, What is your opinion on this? Can people really be inspired to do these things by games?

    My Opinion (open)

    My opinion is that if you blame your crimes like murder and robbery on video games then you are either 1. A fucking idiot 2. Someone trying to blame your actions on something else to get away with it or 3. A fucking psycho. If you cannot spilt up real life and video games and what is acceptable in games and what is acceptable in real life then dont play games and go get help.

  2. People who blame media for their idiocy should be shot on the spot, to save this world from the possibility of them procreating.
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  3. It appeals to my lazy ass nature. Wanna fuck up a prostitute? No worries seabelton just sit back and avoid the cold. Do it on the TV, sadly it's the same reason I'm not a multiple time world champion though.
  4. It isn't games that cause it; it's societies inability to recognise when someone is mentally unstable, plenty of incidents happen due to non-gaming reasons; games can just be a trigger. Games shouldn't be blamed though. Blame the fools who haven't ensured that measures haven't been implemented so that it is easier to detect if someone is mentally ill.
  5. Do you have to swear all the time. And Capitalise Every Letter Just Because It's A Title... it's not needed... please stop.
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  6. Neither is this post. Shut up dude.

    My opinion on this subject is that it does happen (video games influencing fragile minds), but it's not an issue. The issue is that the parents let these kids, or whoever it is, play these games when their mind is obviously not "normal". Video games having negative influences to any children is based on parenting. You should know your kid enough to know whether such games, or even mature programs, can mess with their psyche. I was watching South Park at 9/10 and playing GTA as soon at like 11/12, yet I've never fucked a prostitute only to kill her and get my money back... yet.
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  7. He's Scottish of course he swears.

    Also ill admit I swear so much it's because casual conversation with now sadly, don't swear kids.
  8. Do you have to make this meaningless post? Next time you have an issue message me instead of making an irrelevant post in this thread.

    I wan't allowed GTA until I was 13, Theres a difference between a 9 year old shooting his Gran after playing GTA (using real stories here) and a couple of teenagers (believe they were 15-18) stealing cars and causing havoc, At 9 you cannot understand that you cant do that in real life some may not agree with that but thats my opinion, If you are 15-18 and cant do that in real life then get help.
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  9. My brother played GTA when he was 9. He plays now and he's 10. There is no set age where one is suddenly fine. Your parents need to know what type of kid you are, and whether it will influence you. My brother is completely against swearing to the point he'll literally tell me off if I even say bitch, yet he watches YT videos with language like that, and of course plays GTA.

  10. 18 year olds can have the mental age of a 9 year old. Your logic is flawed.

    My parents have never been strict on what age ratings I could play on, simply because they brought me up well(ish) :lol1: and taught me right from wrong.
  11. Your parents just don't give a shit about you Jono. :pity1:
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  12. It's true we don't.
  13. My logic is not flawed, What I was saying is that 9 year was not able to understand the difference between real life and a game, The 15-18 year olds were the same. What I said is they have something wrong in their head if they cant tell the difference between a game and real life but that also may have resulted from parenting too.
  14. I'm pretty sure (most) 9 year olds know the difference between games and real life...
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  15. I don't think that it is a direct cause, but i'd be a fool to ignore the fact that SOME, let me repeat SOME people might get ideas. I'm not ignorant to ignore both sides of the argument. The real thing here is that if a game is rated MATURE, the parents shouldn't buy them the game. You can't blame the video game industry because they have a legit system.
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  16. I've played video games pretty much my entire life, they have pretty much 0% influence on me outside because I have the mental capacity to understand they're not real. The only game with a worse rep at this point is WoW, which has had people killed or let people get killed because of the addiction, it's stupid to see that people can't take their heads out of the game :/

  17. Yep, pretty much my thoughts as well. Sure, some games can influence some crazy kids out there to do some fucked up shit... but who bought them the game in the first place? Most likely the parents. Parents need to start taking responsibility and need to stop blaming every little thing (TV, music, games, etc) for the stupidity of their children
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  18. Pretty sure video games can give ideas into what crimes to do. Sucking into this fun world where you can basically do what you want and get all the money you want, it tempts unstable people into wanting to do this stuff. It can also influence kids into wanting to do this stuff because it looks cool. The thing is too, that if a person is unstable then they were bound to do something bad eventually. With kids, that's up to the parents. I have been playing Grand Theft Auto games since I can remember, and I understand what I can or cannot do. If parents see that their kids would be influenced by the game, then don't buy it. There are also kids that will try to sneak in the game though, so then you can't really keep the game system in their room or living room.
  19. Here's a picture of a hooker I set on fire yesterday in GTA V. Scanmatic is the best.


    Franklin punched her in the head and she cracked it against the dumpster there. It was pretty rad. Then he poured gasoline all over her, you can see the gasoline trail there.



    On the topic of "video game inspired crimes". They're bullshit. It's today's "rock and roll inspired crimes".

    Maybe if I play GTA backwards I can hear Satan talking to me or something. What a crock of shit. I'm an incredibly peaceful person, as are most people who play video games. The ones that aren't, are clearly already sociopathic assholes way before they play GTA or Call of Duty or whatever else.
  20. I mean that's sort of how titles work... but yea.
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