What's your opinion on the film 'American Gangster'?

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  1. I watched it last night since I am a huge public mark for Denzel Washington, and was actually underwhelmed. It was really slow through the beginning, and it seemed ridiculously easy for the police to figure out Frank was the top dog.

    Not sure how many of you have seen it, but if you have please feel free to let me know what you thought of it.
  2. I was with you. It came out either my junior or senior year of HS and I remember EVERYONE talking about how great it was. When I finally got around to seeing it I was like 'that's it?'

    Far from my favorite gangster flick and honestly probably wouldn't be in my top 5 Denzel movies. Definitely didn't live up to the hype.
  3. Thank God. Came into this thinking I was trashing something legendarily good. What are your top 5 Denzel movies btw?

    I need to see Training Day, as Walter Jr won't stop going on about it.
  4. Remember the Titans for sure

    probably have to go with Glory

    perhaps Mo Betta Blues

    the Hurricane was dope. Then I'd put John Q slightly above Training Day.

    I do still need to see Safe House though, I thought that looked really good.
  5. Not seen most of those (damn I'm lame I know), but I have seen Safe House. That is a fantastic movie.
  6. I might just watch it now, been in a movie watching mood. I finally watched "Ted" last night (totally off topic and random)

    I hate Seth McFarlane but loved the cast (Kunis, walberg & McHale)--- movie delivered. Joel McHale was a scene stealer.
  7. So many people hate on Ted, but I thought it was pretty funny as well. I was inevitably going to be underwhelmed slightly because of the sheer amount of hype surrounding it, and idiotic kids calling it the funniest movie of all time, but I got some cheap laughs.
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  8. I loved Marky Mark freeking out while Kunis was cleaning up the shit.
  9. Don't see how one is any easier than the other, but thanks.
  10. Pretty good movie, but not fpaworthy.
  11. Ted wasn't hysterical. It was funny a bit, but I just grinned rather than laughing. Must be cause I have a hate for Family Guy.
    At least it was better than Family Guy.
  12. No Man on Fire mention yet in here?? Would be in my top 5 of his for sure.
  13. American Gangster was a great movie. Was award worthy. But my all time favorite gangster movie is Scarface.
  14. American Gangster was pretty good. Don't know that I would call it 'great' and as I recall, it had a lot of characters (mainly in Frank's family) that were hard to keep track of as far as keeping up with the names of and whatnot, but it was enjoyable enough to watch at least once. Not the kind of film I'd revisit over and over again, though. And I watched it with no hype. I always go into films (or TV shows) with the hype falling on deaf ears with me unless it's an anticipated sequel to something or a new season of a TV show (i.e the final eight episodes of Breaking Bad this summer) and I just can't help but have my own expectations for it.

    Denzel Washington's best work for me is easily Training Day.
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