What's Your Poison?

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by catlady, May 31, 2013.

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  1. Most people eat, drink or smoke something their body would prefer they didn't put into it.
    So... What is your poison?

    Examples :
    Weed, Alcohol, Caffeine, Cigars, Cigarettes, Pills, Crack Cocaine, Heroine, Meth, Processed Sugar, Processed Fat, Synthetics, Steroids, Ect.
  2. And for them nay-sayers... I consider anything you put in the body that has negative effects on it, a poison.
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    Fiddich 15, dank scotch affordable to me. (49.99)

    Farooq's poison is PSY.
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  4. Caffeine I guess. Coca cola, coffee and rarely red bull
  5. Ooooo good thread. Weed for me although I don't consider it a poison, to some it is and that's fine.
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    Fast food/junk food, booze, I'd say weed but I hardly smoke anymore. Uhh that's about it. Don't really feel guilty either since I enjoy tasty treats and being buzzed quite a bit.

    Was into harder drugs when I was like 16, was "hooked" on that shit for a good year, but ended up moving and got sober ,lol.

    "Poisons" are good, mang.
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  9. Infamous Pepsi lover, Miss Brita. Why do you ask? haha
  10. Nothing really..I drink sometimes but that's about it.
  11. Booze, boobs and Chinese foods.
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  12. I'm a friend of Chris Masters so I take LOTS OF STEROIDS!!!!!!!!
  13. CIgs
    Big Mac
    Double Quarter Pounder
    Classic Triple
    Double Whopper
    Arby's roast beef with extra cheese
  14. Nutella and Wendy's.

    I can't believe I don't weigh 300 pounds right now.
  15. Do you ever put a Nutella sandwich in the microwave for 20 seconds until it melts just a little? Fan-fucking-tastic!

  16. YES

    Nutella is absolutely perfect for any time of the day.

    I want to spread that shit on some bananas.
  17. When I did drink, it was Grey Goose + Fruit Punch or Root Beer
  18. Nothing beats a Grey Goose Vodka 7 on a warm Summers night :yay:
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