What's your views on TNA's Knockout Division(female wrestlers) selling low blows/groin attacks...

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  1. and being put into non-regular matches(cage matches, No DQ, etc.) that you'll almost never see the Divas/female wrestlers in the WWE compete in?

    As a male fan, as much I can understand that getting hit in the crotch for women actually hurts a lot more than people think(if landed very accurately in real life), I still think it's kind of awkward and plus I'm kind of surprised that the mainstream media allowed it to be shown on live TV since our society frowns upon such things happening to women.

    I know that WWE female wrestlers have already sold low blows before(Trish Stratus being kicked down stairs by Christy Hemme at WM21) but only a very very few of them did on a few occasions.

    As for the non-regular matches, there has been hardcore matches between the female wrestlers during the Attitude and Ruthless Aggression Era but even during those days, it was very rare. In fact, there was only one Women's Steel Cage match back in the RA era between Lita and Victoria on a special episode of Raw(Raw Roulette). TNA on the other hand, had more of those non-regular matches(identical to those in the WWE) between the female wrestlers than the WWE has ever had.

    It's not to say that I think TNA better(which I don't), it's to say that the one and only thing I enjoyed about TNA compared to the contemporary era of the WWE, are the Knockouts Division since the female wrestlers in TNA aren't given as much limitation from their jobs as WWE female wrestlers(or Divas) are. That's my perspective of not only TNA but towards my main question.

    Sorry if I sounded off topic but back to my main question. What's your views on female-on-female low blows and more extreme matches between women in TNA?

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  2. Pretty certain that if I **** punted a woman she'd feel a lot of pain. So it's only accurate that a wrestler (male or female) sell it appropriately.
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  3. Yeah like i said, I understand that it still hurts females a lot but I'm just saying that I'm surprised that the wrestling industry was allowed for that to be displayed on live TV since it's apparently only okay to see men getting low blowed(at least at a societal point of view).
  4. Where have you got that idea from? As long as I have been watching wrestling, and before that even there's never been a problem with women selling a low blow. It's wrestling, they are supposed to sell.

    I'd be more pissed if they no sold it.
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  5. I'd be pissed too. You don't see any of that currently in the WWE anymore because they're trying so hard to be PC(for the sake of the younger audience with parents) by not allowing dirty tactics in most wrestling matches between almost any wrestlers(low blows, eye strikes ,etc.), male-on-female attacks(and wrestling matches) or a few over the limit jokes. Most other wrestling organizations don't give a damn and just do what they need to do in order to please their fans, even though they don't have anywhere near the charm and popularity that the WWE has.
  6. WWE could have a diva **** punt another diva as well, it's just not part of the typical diva moveset. Not because of the PC schtick, but because main roster divas work a very set style that has been developed over a long time, same reason low blows aren't that common among the males either. They are used sparingly.
  7. I think the no DQ stuff is fine, I enjoy it. No reason why they shouldn't do it. As far as the low blows go, well, maybe it does hurt really bad, idk. But do most people think so? I could see someone watching a match where a girl sells a low blow like a man would and just laughing at the nonsense (because it's not as common knowledge that it hurts as a male low blow hurting is). But they should sell it somewhat everytime I guess, I mean, a kick is a kick.
  8. Yeah but then again, there were plenty of girls who've admitted to me that getting hit in the crotch(for them) actually hurts much more than society thinks.
  9. Would love to see a naked No Rope Electrified Barbwire Deathmatch with diva/knockouts :russo:
  10. That would sound pretty sick. Imagine how bloody the the match would be. Pretty bloody for a naked women's wrestling match.
  11. Yes, but that is the point, "more than society thinks". Maybe it does hurt like hell, but most of the people watching the TV, such as the the bigger part of society, doesn't know that. So it just looks silly for most of the audience.
  12. I feel like a lot more people are fully aware that a girl taking a **** punt would be quite painful compared to those that are oblivious to it. Maybe I have too much faith in people's understanding of female anatomy. I mean it isn't a nut shot, but probably pretty close if they took one full force lol.

    I don't have a problem with them selling that their vaginas are hurt. It would be a lot weirder if they went around no selling crotch kicks like "tee hee I don't have balls!"
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  13. Well, they should definitely sell it somewhat. As I said before, a kick is a kick. But yeah, I'm not sure on the ratio of people aware/people oblivious but I feel it's small. Could be wrong though
  14. Unless you believe King of the Hill or other cartoons when you believe the no balls no hurt logic, I believe everybody knows that shit would hurt.
  15. Some girls tell me maybe the reason why it hasn't quite hurt other girls as much as men getting nut shots because people tend their strikes inaccurately and end up missing the critical spot, the clit. For striking men down their on the other hand, it's too damn easy to land the strikes on men's balls because they're much bigger and more exposed.
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  16. Sorry, but even missing the clit and getting kicked in the general vaginal area would still hurt. Anybody that doesn't think that it wouldn't hurt and shouldn't be sold is a bit of an idiot.
  17. No offence. But tell those girls to learn their own anatomy
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  18. Even if it isn't a **** punt, it can still be a wrestling shoe up the bum...which would probably hurt a lot more.
  19. I agree. When women are crotched on the turn buckle, the fans respond with more recognition of pain than they do with male low blows. Chynna always sold it quite well.
  20. These women obviously haven't seen too many naked men...

    Seriously though another point in men's favor is from the first time a guy gets hit in the balls, he starts getting a lot of practice of protecting himself. Make a move and watch how quick the response is. Based on reflex alone, it's not easier to hurt a guy that way then a women.

    Apart from that, I agree with everyone else. These women don't know much about their anatomy. You take any part of the body with a high concentration of nerve endings and hit it and it'll hurt like hell. Hit a eunuch in the crotch and he's gonna feel it. People just think it's easier and worse for ball shots because ball shots get more attention than others.
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