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  1. I really think Christian should have won at SS and held it until payback and RVD would have won their and Christian could be a tweener. Than it could be a fatal 4 way or a triple threat HIAC, triple threat could have Christian,RVD and Cena or the 4 way could have ADR,Cena,RVD and Chrisitan. With the feud being a big feud from there because in my opinion the WHC feuds have had terrible build's lately. The WHC is starting not to mean anything. To be honest I don't think Cena should fight for the World Title because we know if he wins and Sandow cashes in Sandow's reign will possibly be short, because Cena needs to win all the time......
  2. I really don't think Christian should've won in that situation. I would've marked for sure, but in hindsight, they really have to give him some sort of gimmick or something, because at that point he was just a guy who went out there and wrestled, you know. Other than that I agree. The WHC feels completely irrelevant, and the Cena thing still feels a bit fishy to me. I have a hard time seeing Cena just putting Sandow over in this feud (especially since they seem not to know what to do with Damien these days). But I suppose Cena fighting for it helps prestige a bit.
  3. Totally agree Leo, I don't think Cena would make a good WHC these days.
  4. I think he'd only serve a purpose as WHC if they're thinking about a unification match at WM or something.
  5. I think he shouldn't hold a title for a long while hes a 11 time WWE champion, just don't see a reason to give him more titles, other than the kids and Cena-fans wanting it and money. I think they should give other guys shots at the ME because if Cena goes they will be in a panic because they don't really have people set up for the possibility of losing Cena.
  6. Shoving Cena to the ME no matter what without any back up just for money is what they've done for years, if it were the case I'm sure they wouldn't think twice about him doing it. He won't be a part of the real ME of WWE atm (which is the Authority thing) and they've just built DB up to his level (or close), so I don't think that's the complaint I'd have. Staleness or possiblity of boring promos, sure. If he won I'd be a bit annoyed, but if they want to build the WHC it's a good way to do so.
  7. Well DB is built up, for the WWE title who would hold the WHC thats ready at ME status that they knew who could hold it well if Cena was to go right now?
    Btw, I see your a Backlund mark.....I called him and had a conversation with him 3 weeks ago.
  8. Cena will get the win and will be world champion again. I'd like to see that because unless you look at the tag team division you won't find face champions atm.
  9. True not enough face champions.
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  10. Well, they could give it back to Del Rio, if RVD returned he could win it, CM Punk isn't nailed down to anything after his current feud, Sandow has the briefcase so eventually it'll happen anyway, if Henry isn't hurt just off-screen he could do it, Rey appears to be close to his return even if I personally wouldn't do it, there are a few (even though a couble may be a stretch) but I guess some there qualify as ME material (at least in WWE's eyes). But how did you get to talk to Bob? That sounds awesome.
  11. I think this is exactly what they're thinking. In another thread, I mentioned Punk winning the Rumble and having Punk vs. Bryan for the WWE Championship at Mania. Thinking on it, I'm more positive this is not what they're going to do.

    What I can see is Punk winning the Rumble and challenging Bryan (WWE Champion) and Cena (World Heavyweight Champion) to a title unification match.

    Or it could be something completely different. Let's bring back David Arquette for one more World Heavyweight Championship match!

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  12. called his company he lives 20 mins away from me Hunter lives 40, I called him in seek of wrestling training. He said no because he doesn't do that anymore.
  13. Terrible thread. Cena goes over, and maybe Sandow cashes in. I'm not sure. Either way it will be good.
  14. Well, pretty cool even though he refused.
  15. True.
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