WrestleMania WHC Prediction For Wrestlemania 29

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  1. I predict Sheamus retains against Big Show this Sunday, but then Ziggler cashes in and wins the belt. This begins a Ziggler/Sheamus feud, which Ziggler wins, and maybe he then feuds with someone else before Wrestlemania 29. Meanwhile, Ryback fails to win the WWE Title at HIAC (most likely because of a draw) but he still remains being pushed strongly. So much so that he wins the Rumble and then goes on to face Ziggler at WM29, and crushes him and wins the WHC there. With them pushing Ryback and now putting him in a main event (even though they were supposedly forced to) and with him on the TLC poster as well (assuming it's real), I'm thinking they may pull the trigger on him with a world title win at WM, but since the WWE Title will be occupied by Rock/Cena, that leaves the WHC.

    I wouldn't even put it past them to try and have him break Kane's elimination record from the 2001 RR.
  2. Seems like a very good idea, I'd like to see that. Ziggler is the perfect opponent for Ryback theoretically, going to be able to say that after Main Event this week since they'll wrestle, but one way or another I like your idea.
  3. Regardless of whether it's Ziggler that he faces, I do definitely believe that Ryback is at least winning the Rumble and winning the WHC at Wrestlemania 29. I only predict it'll be Ziggler because of his MITB contract and the fact that they seem to be teasing us (on Raw) with Ziggler possibly cashing in at HIAC. But an alternate prediction is that maybe Ziggler will cash it in next year on Ryback (sometime in the spring or summer) and be the first one to 'beat' Ryback and take his title as a result.
  4. It's a good idea.
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