When and how will Rusev debut?

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  1. We've all seen his promos, NXT work, and Royal Rumble appearance, but when/how will Alexander Rusev debut on the main roster?

    Rusev can be one of the top heels imo, so I'd book him strongly. Maybe have a tournament between all the upper mid-carders after EC to determine who faces Langston for the IC title at Mania. Rusev wins the belt on his PPV debut. It would be a great start to his career on the main roster.
  2. He'll be another Koslov imo. He won't be interesting at all and I'm surprised there is any hype around him. He'll probably debut as the typical heel monster who goes over everyone and then fades away into the darkness.
  3. Lol you don't watch NXT?
  4. :no: he does not.
  5. Obviously. The only similarity between the two is that they're Eastern European.
  6. Whenever he debuts on TV, they better not do what they did with Sandow and Fandango. In Sandow's case, not wrestle until they have an opponent that's worthy or Fandango, when the ring announcer can pronounce his name correctly.
  7. As I said in the WM30 fantasy card thread, Alexsander Rusev vs Damien Sandow vs Fandango vs Kane vs Christian vs Santino Marella would be a good option for Rusev's debut, and it'd be a #1 contender ladder match for the IC title. Rusev could win it, and then lose to Big E in a very hard fought match to assert how dominant and strong he is. He competed in a tough ladder match and then barely lost to Big E, who is in his own right, a beast.
  8. I picture him as the next Umaga - a large guy they'll debut and immediately push to the top but then right after he gets jobbed out in a world title feud, he'll likely spend the rest of his career in the (upper) midcard.

    As for his debut, they should hold off on it until after Wrestlemania. That's how they usually do with debuting wrestlers around this time of the year because the introduction of new blood makes the post-Mania period more exciting and fresh. When he does come to the main roster, book him like a typical debuting big man and have him destroy jobbers like Zack Ryder and Dolph Ziggler and the like to get him over as a dominant force. Then have him confronted by "The World's Strongest Man" Mark Henry, and have him go over Henry in that feud to make him look like a really bad dude. Then maybe have him defeat Big E Langston for the Intercontinental Championship right around the beginning/middle of summer.
  9. How they debuted him on NXT worked well in my opinion. He was brought in by a manager as muscle but quickly figured out "I don't need this goof" so he got himself some new management and went on a run, quickly establishing himself as a top name down in NXT. But since he's already debuted on the main roster I fear that one is out the door.
  10. He's the first foreign powerhouse I am interested in so I have some high hopes for Rusev. Probably beating Ambrose for the Title.
  11. I could see him feuding with Big E, culminating at a match at Mania. Pretty simple in my mind.
  12. He'll debut at RR 3 weeks ago
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  13. I heard he was good, but never seen any of his matches. Lana seems cool as a manage though.
  14. He will probably be the next muscle of The Shield, if and when Roman Reigns turns
  15. I'm really hoping he doesn't go to WM because I can see the Fandango treatment happening. They need to build up Rusev as a credible powerhouse much like they are with Langston. Have him defeat someone big like Cena or Sheamus and get the guy great heat.
  16. Source: Wrestling Inc.
  17. So here come dark matches with him for the next 6 weeks.
  18. Yup, that's what it's looking like.
  19. He should squash Kane, Big Show, Khali and Ezekial Jackson (with Hulk Hogan as special guest ref, who he puts in the camel clutch afterward) in a 4-on-1 handicap match.

    To show he is the true dominant big man of WWE.

  20. Beast. Stick the title on him now.
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