When can we see badass Bryan?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Mar 1, 2013.

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  1. When will this comedy stuff end? They're obviously going down the route of the tag-team split, and that's cool and will certainly be entertaining. But what happens afterwards? Is he too over under the yes/no shtick to simply abandon that and go down a different character route? Or does the yes/no stuff have no effect on him at all, and will actually project him further up the chain faster because of his ability to never not be over?

    What do you think? What's next for Daniel Bryan?
  2. I really like the whole YES/NO business myself, even if he continues to develop into a more serious character I hope he keeps that. It's easily a crowd favourite chant and it will help keep him over!
  3. I'm not sure how he can keep that though with a serious "badass" heel (or face) character.
  4. I'm personally over the yes/no chant. I'm glad the crowd likes it but I think it holds him back from being taken seriously. In order to make a true heel turn I think he needs an entirely different gimmick. I think the crowd will continue to chant the yes/no stuff for a while even after he abandons it lol. Either way I'd like to see him take a break from the comedy stuff.
  5. I have a feeling that the split of Hell No (which should happen at Mania or whatever the next PPV is, I can't remember) will lead to more serious characters for Bryan and Kane.

    Unfortunately (or fortunately...hell, I don't know), Bryan will come out as the heel and Kane as the face, which will create an interesting angle, as usually the "Big Red Monster" would be the classic heel and the scrappy, tough guy would be the natural face. This is falling into place, however, as Lawler (The Voice of the WWE.....'s mentally-nine-year-old head man) continues to push the "goat face" thing and continually makes negative comments about his appearance. (Yeah, WWE has an anti-bullying, you-can-do-anything message....unless you're overweight or not physically attractive, in which case, it's okay for the "good guys" to make fun of you...great message, don't you think?)

    The upside to the whole thing is that Bryan will most likely be a more serious character, which needs to happen. There's a place for comedy in pro wrestling, but Daniel Bryan has way too much in-ring talent to just be a joke.

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  6. Jerry Lawler is such a crap commentator. Besides everything, he still screws up the bullying stuff. And Vince won't yell at him because they're butt buddies and Lawler would just leave (wish he did). But still, back on topic, yeah, I think they'll go down the split up route leading to more serious characters. I see why they're doing this with Bryan, they don't want to saturate him on the main event scene or one single character since they know he'll be there in the long run, so they're doing some different stuff with him. I really hope that, if this ends up with Kane/Bryan, that Bryan wins clean via submission, and that leads up to a more serious character, it wouldn't hurt at all.
  7. I doubt we'll ever see it, they don't do bad ass characters any more. Especially as small as Daniel #ROHIsCallingForYouFather
  8. Badass characters are the best though :sad:
    I think he should get a main event push after WM, he needs to win the WWE title in 2013.
  9. After WM when they lose to PTP.

    They split up, Kane turns face, Bryan heel.

    Best thing imo: Bryan works with more black in his attire, just comes out agressive, just walks to the ring, goes in and stands there.

    That's it, and to me it seems legit.
  10. Crowd will still chanting YES/NO No matter if he turns heel --
  11. I think the majority of the WWE audience would have too hard of a time buying a badass DB at this point. I mean, I guess you can change anything with booking, but I think WWE would hesitate to try.
  12. I think that if they're to build him as a badass, or any serious character for that matter, they'd need to make it a slow process.
  13. "I Don't know, but If you go on youtube, all you see of Daniel Brayn is him in the wwe. But there was this guy, and man he was out there kicking heads in. People called him THE BEST WRESTLER IN THE WORLD, he was a champion of Japan, Mexico, and Europe. You might know this guy" - Daniel Bryan on NXT

    That guy exists somewhere^ it's annoying though, and hopefully sooner than later he drops this comedy gimmick.
  14. The summer of Bryan
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