When Cena Retires...

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by catlady, Jun 28, 2013.

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  1. Who do you see, out of the current roster, being the next face of the company?
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    ^ I really can't think of anyone else. Knowing WWE, we'll get Sheamus.
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  3. Alex Ril... oh, wait.
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  4. :ohgod: I hope not. D-Bry should be but he's probably "too small"... wwe stinks. lol
  5. Absolutely no idea.
  6. Big E Langston. And I'd be fine with that.
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  7. You're kidding. Right?
  8. He seems to have everything Vince would want in a top guy. He has a good build, a somewhat marketable look. He's charismatic when allowed to be. There are others I would want to see as the face of the company before Big E but i could see WWE going with him. The only thing I could see holding Big E back is his skin tone.

    Bryan will be a top star but I honest to god see him being more of a Edge/Triple H/Randy Savage role. A top guy and a locker room leader but not the guy who is THE face of the company. A top workhorse so to speak.
  9. How's he got a marketable look? The guy doesn't really have any set facial expressions or anything. I am a Big E fan - one of the few on here - but I think you're not being realistic here. Big E doesn't really possess the mic skills or the unique it-factor, and yeah, WWE is racist. Their top guy will not be Black.
  10. The Rock, oh wait being racist means only degrading fully black men doesn't it.
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  11. I think that Bryan and Sheamus are the first 2 picks to become the NEXT face of the WWE.
    Big E could be in a Brock Lesnar/ Triple H kind of role? And YES I think that Ziggler is the NEW Edge of the WWE :emoji_slight_smile:
  12. Anyway I'm backing they aren't even signed yet, the Cena express doesn't seem to be slowing at least for a few years.
  13. Samoan. Let's not get into technicalities here. I think Jim Ross even said himself that he thinks Big E can become the first Black WWE champion, and then had a little back-and-forth with a fan who was like "ROCK!?!?". Let's face it, WWE don't consider him to be Black, lol.
  14. Maybe it's the lack of momentum talking, but seems pretty obvious Sheamus isn't that guy. Yay.

    But people say that WWE's catering to kids now so they can get some teenager and adult fans for the next era, so don't rule out CM Punk as the face of the company for a few years.

    Also just realized Punk strangling Jerry Lawler is right front and center in Crayo's sig. Surely that's merely a coincidence.
  15. They consider Roddy Piper to be Scottish too lol, I doubt you're being sincere with the racist comment but I always found it bizarre when people pull it out. Are there black guys who should have gotten world title reign that didn't? Yes there are also plenty of white guys too,
  16. Hasn't he said he's retiring in a few years?
  17. Farooq should have been the one to unite the World Heavyweight title and the WWE title.

    As for the next face of the company, it's hard to say honestly. Outside of Daniel Bryan, I can't really pick anybody who's as over, he may not have the exact look, but he does have the mics skills, he's over , his merchandise sells, and he's great in ring.
  18. I once thought it would be Sheamus but his momentum has slowed down since.

    Perhaps it could be Big E Langston but I'm not sure if Vince would someone non-white to be the image of his product, considering how superficial that Republican prick is.
  19. If it was now they would probs push Sheamus as he is basically Cena mark 2 anyways.

    After that I dunno as personally who could carry the company Bryan is hot but will it last? Punk is fantastic but i admit phones it in at times. ADR struggles with the crowd at times. Miz is still meh with ppl.
  20. Depending on how this face run goes I can see Ziggler as a strong possibility to take over that role.
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