When creative has nothing for you...

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Senhor Perfect, Jan 11, 2013.

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  1. They put you together in a tag team.

    Congrats Zack! After all that Twitter whining, you end up in team Funkabro.
  2. It's something. Zack shouldn't complain and neither should Brodus since it will give them something to do. A jovial, comedy tag team for the kids without Santino is a god send.
  3. Santino>Ryder>Brodus

    This Funkabro thing will die out as quickly Brodus did when he debuted. This'll just be another jobber tag team for Rhodes Scholars or Prime Time Players to squash. I feel bad for Brodus mostly because he was suckered in to ths terrible gimmick and now much like Santino, he will never take off. Ryder is just being thrown around like a rag doll until he is released.
  4. Sucks. Brodus Clay is a beast heel, when will they use him properly?
  5. Funkabro :upset: :upset: :upset:

    No more dancing, please!
  6. Taking two comedy gimmicks and putting them together huh? Another boring tag team. They'll get something to do, but I don't really care about this team at all.
  7. Wonder what happened with Team CoBro??
    Oh jesus I hope they arent pushing Santino for the US belt again.
  8. I miss Santino and Kozlov.
  9. FFS they don't need to form this stupid Tag Team, they need a CHARACTER CHANGE..

    When will they finally get that Brodus was born to be a Heel and not a stupid dancer?! :facepalm:
  10. I agree with that, but the last thing we need is ANOTHER big ass wrestler who crushes jobbers.
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