When did SmackDown start declining?

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Crayo, Feb 2, 2012.

  1. In 2003 it was more popular than RAW, with Lesnar, Angle & Taker carrying the boat. Was it when Brock left that SD declined or that combined with Eddie dieing?

  2. When it moved to Friday and was taped.
  3. It's always been taped hasn't it? Barring a few live specials.
  4. Personally I think its cause it's taped you get spoilers after the taping and it makes watching the show redundant unless something big is happening!
  5. Nope, used to be live on Thursdays afaik.
  6. I swear it's always been taped? Pretty sure even when Lesnar was there it was taped.
  7. i agree as ive seen footage on youtube somewhere of Lesnar fluffing lines and them keep filming it! sure i have!
  8. Until the 2009 Draft.
    That's when it got a bit boring for me.
  9. I stopped watching ever since it moved to Syfy.
  10. Soon as Lesnar left, went down hill from there. Taker done okay on his own carrying it, but it needed more.
  11. Brock Lesnar,Kurt Angle, John's Cena old gimmick and Rey getting old.
    Of course I wouldn't post this without mentioning Eddie.
  12. To be honest it was only a couple of years ago when it was Taker, Batista, Edge, Jericho & Rey on SD wasn't it?
  13. Trust me the storylines sucked.
  14. That was when Batista turned heel.
  15. Since RAW is now supershow, everyone is just on RAW. I used to like it when SmackDown and RAW compete in Survivor Series.
  16. I hate brand competition, it's pointless (in my opinion) and ruins character development. Like last time, why would a selfish character like Miz want to lead a team to beat people he doesn't care about? Just makes no sense in my opinion. But hey, Bragging Rights is returning this year -.-.
  17. Bragging rights and Survivor Series can't be on the same calendar. They're too similar.
  18. Eddie dieing kind of ruined SmackDown for me, then later on, Benoit died... Then I really stopped watching Smackdown for a good period of time, until Cena got drafted to SD.
  19. Smackdown started to decline when Brock Lesnar left, Kurt Angle left, The Undertaker working a few appearances a year, Eddie died, and when it moved to Scifi.
  20. I think Smackdown is fine to be honest. Most weeks it is solid, at least as much if not more so than Raw, and if people would avoid spoilers I feel they would enjoy the show a helluva lot more. Daniel Bryan has been entertaining as champion IMO, Rhodes is a great IC Champ, Wade Barrett is a great heel, Sheamus (although he has lacked direction up until the Rumble win) is a good source of entertainment inside and outside of the ring, Booker always makes me laugh on commentary...

    the only main issue I could point to (which isn't exclusive to SD, Raw has the same issues) is the overall lack of feuds. You only get 2-3 feuds at a time, while the rest of the roster just sort of floats in limbo. Oh and Teddy Long needs to GTFO obviously