when did this event was took place on wwe raw?

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  1. on which episode of wwe raw at the show ending with edge is going to take the wwe world heavyweight champion which is kept in the showcase at titantron entrance when he go there then undertaker,s thunderbolt fall on the showcase which feared the edge..which is telecasted between survivor series 2007 to summer slam 2008 in that peroid only undertaker is fued on the edge.
  2. I know what you mean actually, I loved that bit, but I can't remember. @[CM Drunk] will probably know.
  3. I'm speculating sometime around Judgement day the belt was vacated when hells gate was banned by Vickie after Backlash and the two were feuding. Are you sure it wasn't a SD event?

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  4. Yet I think it was on SmackDown
  5. yes event took place after backlash 2008 to one night stand 2008
    in that peroid only title remains vacant.

    but why you are postin other images in ur reply
  6. We're not, those are signatures.

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  7. it was championship chase event made by vickie Guerrero on may 9th which is held on wwe smackdown.
    is this right? or not?
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