When did you start becoming a smark?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by CM Punk, Jan 15, 2013.

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  1. Title says it all.

    Funny thing, my source used to be WWE.com/news and after I started using LOP, that's when I slowly felt change and became a smark.

    Forgot what year though.

  2. November 1997
  3. June/July 2011. The year I started watching wrestling. Wrestling is not a big thing in Sweden. People know what it is and that it is "fake" and I stumbled upon it due to a break up and I spent a week or two not able to sleep well and found that one of my TV channels had RAW and Smackdown on at night. I watched it since I had nothing better to do and got hooked. I kind of came into the sport as a smark since I immediately started visiting sites like Wrestlinginc and pwmania.
  4. Only a couple years ago when I started getting into Wrestling again.
  5. Would you be able to define smark? If you mean informed fan it was around 1987 when I first went backstage and got to talk to a few of the wrestlers
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  6. Never been one. But I almost came dangerously close when I started psoting stuff from WWE news sites. Never again. @deth
  7. wut
  8. +1 for that. What is this guy talking about?
  9. Didn't have the cable/interwebs in 2010, so I jumped on sites like LOP and BR to follow along what was going on.

    Hey, it was a good thing though. Missed Wrestlemania 27! :win:
  10. I became a shark in 1993 when my mom bought us a pool. I use to spend hours...NO! Days in that pool! I grew a fin, some sharp teeth and began eating small animals and children. My mom eventually got rid of me and I had to live at Sea World until they went bankrupt then I WAS FREE! FREE AT LAST FREE AT LAST! I still have trouble with my diet, but I have finally kicked my addiction (of eating children).

    OH! :facepalm: You said "Smark".... Yeah idk when. :pity:
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  11. same as you. Just change Sweden with Romania and that's my story.
  12. [​IMG]
  13. I've been watching Wrestling since 96' but I didn't become a smark maybe until...2008/2009. I was a mark for a very long time, I had a spinning Cena chain, it was really bad. I did know wrestling was fake though by the time i was 10. I just didn't start reading news until 08'.
  14. Started watching with everyone saying it's fake (as people normally say here. It's their very, very first reaction whenever you mention wrestling), but was a mark at first. Had a slow burn turn into a smark, which I'd say started in early 2010.
  15. All of my older brothers grew up watching WWE, so I liked it since I was a kid..

    But I started to seriously following it in 2002 when HBK returned, stopped watching in 2006 with the stupid and boring Cena push, but started watching again and more than ever in 2009..
  16. Lol , when i first started watching wrestling was around 2005/2006 , I remember I used to watch with my babysitter, i used to like rey and i thought everything was real , I do remember the batista vs booker feud.. And after that like every single child in spain , we found out that wrestling was"fake" last year, I lived in torquay(england) and idk why , i started eatching again , i guess it was "nostalgia" i didnt watch it every week , just random matches , then i started watching it every week around summerslam2012 ... And then , I started reading spoilers, rumours etc..
  17. In 2005 when I saw TNA Ultimate X and the famous X Title 3 Way.
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