When did you start to dislike John Cena?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Oct 24, 2012.

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  1. If you do that is. And no, this is nothing to do with the man himself John Cena who most people rightfully respect, I'm talking about the on-screen John Cena, the character he portrays.
  2. about 09 during his feud with Batista
  3. I started watching non-PPV stuff in '06 and I never really took to him. I didn't really dislike him until he beat HBK @ 23 but that pissed me off so much as a kid, I loved Michaels :upset:
  4. After he left his Thugonomics gimmicks.
  5. Just before Edge beat him in 06 I think, it was really repetitive around that time during his initial super push plus his move to raw felt pretty forced IMO as Batista was supposed to be the guy on there IMO. Plus that's when the boo's starting edging in and since I tend to sheep in with people I followed suit.
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  6. When he beat HHH in the 2010 Elimination Chamber to win the title. :downer: Was transitioning from mark to smark in said period.
  7. I honestly never liked him. I don't remember seeing him in his ''prototype gimmick'', but I do remember his wigger gimmick and I hated it. There used to be a lot of spoiled wigger type people where I used to live and I couldn't stand 'em and when I saw Cena playing that gimmick it was just a turn off. So fucking phony.
  8. I never really liked him. I'm actually more tolerant of him now than I ever was back then. I think on a certain given night, he can be great on the mic and usually when it comes to big match situations, he delivers... But I never really cared for him from day one and I remember laughing when I saw him on the DVD cover art of the 2004 Royal Rumble, thinking that he'll never amount to much. Then he starting getting really popular and it became obvious he was gonna become a main eventer and likely be one in the long term, and that made my disdain of him just grow. He was at least partially the reason I stopped watching from late 2005-2010. (I still don't watch Raw or Smackdown weekly (only every now and again) even now.)

    Anyway, his former rapper gimmick (which, looking back, is something that made him more interesting than he is most of time nowadays), combined with the fact that he is often just annoying and corny, he has just always turned me off. He still somewhat bugs me now, because he's literally been forced down our throats as the top star more than anyone who ever came before him. Hogan was a top star for about as long as Cena has been now, but because there wasn't a weekly show that Hogan was always on, and because there wasn't a PPV every month, it didn't even seem like Hogan was forced down people's throats like the way Cena has been. Cena has been around longer than Bret, Michaels, Austin and Rock were at the top, so there's that. I'm really hoping the universe gives us a new top star soon, or forces Cena into retirement, or both.
  9. I've always disliked him.
  10. I love John Cena
  11. I was watching when he debuted, and hated him. Hated his gimmick, his Five-Knuckle Shuffle, hated him doing a second-rate ripoff of Brock Lesnar's finisher... but I was 13 then. Liked him again with his new gimmick when I started watching again 5 years later, then a few months later noticed "Hey, this guy's getting his ass kicked and winning with an incredibly weak moveset... this isn't believable"
  12. round 2010 with his feud with the nexus. but to be honest, didnt lat long because i liked him again once that ended he and he feuded with the miz.
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