When did you start watching wrestling?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Goldberg, Jan 8, 2012.

  1. I started watching wrestling in my younger days. It inspired me to become a wrestler and I did, after my NFL career.

    When did you guys start watching wrestling?
  2. 7 years old on channel five in the UK. Stopped in parts though throughout my childhood and rewatched it again in 06 actively.
  3. I used to watch it with my dad before he passed. So 13-14 years ago.
  4. me Idk don't watch it now, haven't watched it since 3rd or 4th grade, remember one night i was watching it and talking to a girl on the phone, If I didn't move in 5th grade she would have gotten the dick by 7th grade haha, we still talk and I live far as shit from her, if only..
  5. I started watching it towards the end of middle/end of Nitro.
  6. Got some old schoolers here then.
  7. 2000-2001...

    I wish I had watched it in the late 90's because from what I've watched, the product was amazing.
  8. Same as me :emoji_slight_smile:.
  9. Same here, I watched a bit in the late 90's - early 2000's though.
  10. So you remember Rikishi then? God I loved him rofl.
  11. did everyone like my post?
  12. No male could do what he did with that ass.
  13. Yeah, I think he was doing Too Cool back than when I saw him.
  14. 2003-2005.
    Then I stopped and started again in 2011.
  15. Did Kane bring you back into it @[Tzesi]?
  16. Yes, I actually used to watch some matches on YouTube(rarely) but Kane made me watch whole episodes.
  17. We at WWE Forums came up with a theory. You. Are. Kane.
  18. Haha.. maybe :emoji_slight_smile:
    I actually stopped watching because they didn't show it on TV anymore.
    I was a small kid with no PC or internet.
  19. Same with me. Used to be free here to watch on Channel 5, then they moved to Sky :emoji_slight_frown:.
  20. I have actively watched WWE 11 years ago in March, My first Wrestlemania I will never forget