When did your favorite become your favorite?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by seabs, Feb 8, 2012.

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  1. Simply enough thread. Everyone has a favorite wrestler but what made them your favorite? Try to keep it solely to current active WWE stars.

    For me it was The Miz when he cut this promo on MVP and his time in the WWE. I didn't see much in him before this. His mocking of Cena didn't entertain me, neither did his team with Jomo, I thought Morrison carried the team and still do but when he cut this promo I realized he was something special and as he continued to grow I became more and more of a fan.​

  2. That's exactly when I became a fan of his too to be honest. Was a really good promo. Once again you stole my post. I'll post another though:

    Was always a fan of Punk but this is when I became a big fan.

  3. I stopped watching at "I'd rather you all hate me for everything I am then love me for something I'm not" that is one fantastic quote.

    I must admit that i was a huge Orton fan my entire life, like ever since i started watching wrestling i was inspired by Randy Orton.
    But this...just...this promo made me after several years change that.

    I started to like CM Punk during summer time last year around July or something, the guy impressed me with his awesome promos and that Money In The Bank PPV where people chanted for him like it was Stone Cold entering the ring. Yeah i know i'm not an old punk fan but this guy is just number one on my list and that won't change like forever since no one in the WWE impresses me that much without Orton. So around summer time i realized this guy is special and after a couple of months the world will start cheering for him, and there you go every Raw there's like 80% people with the BITW shirt.

    I really respect him for his work and i'm sure you all like the guy too.
  4. Eddie Guerrero - when I first saw him cheating in a match.
    Kane - first time I watched him wrestle

  5. No need to say anything.
  6. The chair cheat haha used to love it bang the chair throw it at the other superstar an lay out on the floor!

    As for me my current fave is Wade Barrett hated him when he first but this feud with Orton his mic work and his in ring ability improving I'm a mark!
  7. Cody Rhodes ever since he turned mask and his promos were damn excellent check this one out.

  8. Oh definitely the Rhodes one.
  9. Will give you Rhodes as well once that mask came off! Still a Barrett mark rite now though!

  10. Jericho- Reading his list of 1004 holds
    Barrett- When he was the leader of Nexus, cutting great promos to open most Raws in 2010
    Ziggler- Loved him from the time I started tuning in again on a regular basis (circa 2010) when he was IC Champ on SD
  11. Bret Hart When I was a kid, he didn't have to prove anything b/c I thought it was real.

    There was no deep analysis on my part. I simply enjoyed watching a master technician
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  12. Really enjoyed this off Bryan last night showed respect to HBK in reality then ranted for kayfabe.

    Night of Bryan last night.
  13. Undertaker - When I started watching around 2002-03 and I saw him face Brock Lesner on smackdown around that time...
    Eddie Guerrero - During His WM match vs Kurt Angle when he cheated by faking a injury and then rolling up angle.
    Chris Benoit - I really like Benoit before his death......I became a Fan during HHH vs HBK vs Benoit.....
  14. Batista: Not till after he retired. Stopped watching for a bit and then thought back to the good old days of being a kid and watching Smackdown every friday at my best buds house. Batista always headlining, and he just reminds me of good times.

    The Miz-Basically since his debut but I didn't really start obsessing over him until Miz and Morrison, probably my favorite tag team also because the memories.
  15. Taker - Even as a little kid I was into "horror"/'scary"/"dark shit, and Taker was just so badass to me. One of my favorites ever since.
    Bryan - Always liked this guy. He's ring skill always impressed me, and he has this quiet charisma about him that's such a turn on. Also, really fucking laid back and cool guy. Hard not to like him.
  16. I have a video of DB in the indies from years ago I'll show you. Bout a year or two before this he became my fav
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  17. Scott Hall was the first time i realized what a heel was. His promo with Nash and Hogan after the big switch (i was like 9) to me was the most amazing thing ever. All my friends and most of the school were in a huge buzz (everyone watched wrestling, guys, girls, popular, losers, you name it) and I was just in love with the bad guy deal. I wanted to be "the Bad guy" so badly.
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  18. Mission accomplished :senhor:
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  19. Take away the jew smiley and i'm in total agreement. For now it's still an "i laughed, like" moment.
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  20. I miss this Miz. Right now I feel he's a rookie tbh.
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