When Did Your Favorite Show Jump The Shark?

Discussion in 'Gaming & Media' started by The Wolf Said Poofy, Dec 8, 2012.

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  1. Now i have many favorite shows that i can very instantly remember the moment when their golden era ended and when the show was at a point of no return some are..

    The Office Season 5: Cant remember an exact episode, i dont have the list with me but it just wasnt the same since season 4 which was like a dipping down continuation of season 3 which is considered by many as one of the greatest seasons in tv history.

    The Simpsons Season 11: Now many tie the jumping to "The principal and the pauper" episode in season 9 but even though that episode was horrible indeed i still liked it up until 2000, its art direction at that point from 97-2000 is my favorite ever and they still had some good episodes, great ones, including one of my favorite ever, which won an emmy award for best episode "behind the laughter".

    But after the show not only lost a big part of it unique humor but it got more stupid and the once great drama here and there started dissapearing, the simpsons had reached its peak a while ago and season 12 around 2001 was where the inevitable decline started. I havent watched a new episode since 2006.

    King Of The hill: Without a doubt season 6, some stupid stuff had happened by then including peggy hill surviving a fall from an airplane, but bobby kicking his dad in the balls and the new art direction the show took kind of took the show into the steady decline that it never came back from.

    Funny how 2 of fox's most electifying shows ever started their definite decline together.

    Big bang Theory: Once they really over did it with the penny and leonard thing, and with the girl friend thing, and with rajesh's sister, the show was not as good as season 1- 3.
  2. IT Crowd still awesome.

    But yeah most shows after the third or fourth season hit a bump in the road either with a recovery albeit brief one to eventually end a couple of seasons late but for the last episode recapturing the magic to end on a bang.
  3. On this note Firefly ended to soon.

  4. Seinfeld - The last couple of seasons. Still funny stuff, but not as funny as the previous seasons, and I don't really like how they didn't continue the "show about nothing" concept, and started adding a bunch of unusual stuff that probably wouldn't happen irl.
  5. I loved lost the first season and then the rest is history and unwatchable.
  6. Beverly Hills 90210: Started to tank during season 9 when Jason Preisely and Tiffany Amber Theissen left the show. The real damage was when Shannon Dorethy left the show. The storylines started to suck after season 8.
  7. I wouldn't say it "jumped the shark" but The Shield's sixth season should have been made from the get go to be the final one. The way S5 ended was a perfect set up as the end (which was the original intention) but then they decided for some reason to drag the show out for yet another season and so S6 ended up feeling like they were holding back most of the season. It's my least favorite of the series.
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