When Do You GTS?

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by catlady, Dec 10, 2013.

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  1. Just curious. I know many members are from different areas. I tend to go to sleep around 4am... Trying to fix that...
    *looks at clock (6:54AM)*
  2. 11pm-midnight on a work night.
    1am-ish on a weekend.
  3. Sleep is for the weak.
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  4. 12-4 am usually.
  5. Around 5 or 6 am, and I sleep till around 11 or 12, I still haven't been to bed yet though.
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  6. Me neither :boss1:
  7. About 1am, get up at 7:30am though.
  8. I would like to gts by 12am and get up at 7am... instead of gts at 4-5am and get up at 12pm lol
    Or you know... Go to sleep sometimes today... I probably have coon eyes. :haha:
  9. So do it then. Stay up all of today then go to bed at 12am tomorrow. Then get up at 7. Force yourself too. It's the only way your body clock will adjust. You'll never get a job if you can't get up until 12...
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  10. I have a job hoeskie. I freelance write. Stop pickling up muh cheesecake homes. Also. You saying "force"... le'creep x20000
  11. Freelance write... how much $ do you make? I bet it ain't much. It's like when people say "ooohhh I'm a freelance photographer..." no, you have a DSLR which you don't know how to use fully and you take average pictures. :lol1:

    Get a proper job
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  12. I have a proper job. I'm a man's wife. :pity:
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  14. ...did I mention I didn't sleep yet? :lol1:
  15. You're a husband :pipebomb:
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  17. When the baby lets me :sad1:
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  18. My sleep schedule is crazy, probably because of my work schedule. Some days I have to be in at 5 AM and others I go in later and work until midnight.
  19. Whenever I feel tired, usually around 1-6AM, if Raw or iMPACT is on depends on entertainment levels
  20. Whenever I damn well please. :tough:
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