when do you think lesnar will drop his title

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Gav back in the championship, Aug 25, 2014.

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  1. Night of Champions

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  2. Hell in a cell

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  3. Survivor Series

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  4. TLC

  5. Royal Rumble

  6. Elimination Chamber

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  7. Wrestlemania 31

  1. As the question says when do you think lesnar will drop the belt?

    Id like to see lesnar plow his way through all the big names like batista orton and bryan before eventually dropping it to roman reigns at wrestlemania
  2. You're assuming that he will fight Reigns at Mania.....but I do see him, possibly, losing it at TLC. Winning it back at the Rumble and then fighting The Rock at Mania. I would love to see Reigns and Brock fight tho.
  3. I'm looking for an article I was reading that said WWE was contemplating two moves for Lesnar
    1. He loses the bwelt to Cena in some way that does not include him being pinned or tapping out (no idea what that means)
    2. Lesnar holds onto the title for a long time and the 'Authority' just realizes they made a mistake using him as their plan C and then they have to find someone to take the title from Brock (likely Reigns)

    I liked #2 better TBH. Lesnar just becomes the unbeatable monster that forces the Authority to almost turn face. Basically ends up being WWE as a whole vs Lesnar
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  4. A Steel Cage match has been rumored for awhile.

    As much as I would love to see Lesnar steamroll through the roster from now until Wrestlemania, it just isn't realistic to think that Brock is gonna agree to work that many dates in a row. And if by some miracle he did, of course I'd love to see either Reigns or Bryan be the one to triumph over him at Wrestlemania XXXI.

    Most likely though, they'll figure out some way to get the championship off of him before he leaves again after Night Of Champions. Either Cena becomes the 16-time world champion, or after fulfilling his duty to The Authority of having taken care of John Cena, he either lays down for Seth Rollins the next night on Raw or he forfeits the title and a tournament is then held to declare the new champion, or some other loophole.
  5. Mania. I thought he was going to literally lay down on some Raw for Seth Rollins (cash in) and the deal would be that he was the Authority's mercenary, but after seeing that SS match, no. He'll carry it to WM and drop to Reigns.
  6. Steel Cage! Never even thought of that, duh
  7. I can't say I like the idea of it, personally. A very competitive back-and-forth contest between Cena and Lesnar with no stipulations attached would be fine with me. Plus, the Hell In A Cell PPV is in October and I don't care to see two cage-like environments headlining consecutive PPVs.
  8. I just want Cena to lose at Night of Champions. I mean he could beat Brock at TLC in a TLC match?
  9. It'd be deplorable to have to witness Cena beating Brock in any situation from here on out. Also, why would be randomly get another title shot at TLC?
  10. Agreed, Cena shouldn't be able to beat Brock after what happened at SummerSlam. He should come close at NOC....and lose....then Brock goes on to face someone else for a while....Then a The Authority could a number ! contender Battle Royal to determine who will face Brock at TLC....in a TLC match..Cena wins.
  11. The only two PPVs I can see Lesnar dropping the title are Night of Champions, or WrestleMania. I just can't see Cena agreeing to put over Lesnar twice, and if he does then Lesnar will likely last till 'Mania where he drops it to Reigns. However, a Cena/Rollins program has been rumored at HIAC, so I can see Cena beating Brock in some way at NoC, but proceeds to get cashed in on by a 100% healthy Rollins.
  12. LOL @ the Empire for having no clue what to do about this. What a bunch of beta dumba**es.
    The answer is simple. Do what you want. Lesnar isn't the future, nor is he obligated past Wrestlemania.
    They've already given him a new strap so I imagine they are 'investing in Brock Lesnar' all over again.
    Since this is so, keep the strap on him until Royal Rumble or the Chamber so he can receive his rematch at the Chamber or Wrestlemania

    If he's pinned at Rumble, who cares? It's likely to be Reigns or Bryan. He won't be pinned at Chamber.
    If the purpose of this charade is for him to fall to Reigns or Bryan have him pinned at Wrestlemania or lose in fourway at Wrestlemania.
    Should this be disastrous and Lesnar doesn't work from NoC to Rumble consider it a lesson learned if things go terrible.
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