When do you think the PG ERA....

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Roi, Mar 17, 2013.

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  1. ...will end ?
    We all know PG pretty sucks but when do you honestly think wwe will go back tv-14 Im thinking it will turn tv 14 on 2014 why do i say that because thats when wwe usa contract expires and think about by this time cena would be the face for 9 years thats the same as hogan 1985-1994 2005-2014 .Right know i think we are in new generation / transition we have cm punk d bryan dean ambrose dolph ziggler cody rhodes sheamus wade barret etc by the time 2014 comes i think wwe will turn edgy again i just hope by 2013 we will see some changes.
    Maybe with the growth of TNA , the WWE will search ways to make TNA marks to watch the WWE then , they could turn the product a little bit edgier.
    I think be are now leaving the PG era and turning into the PG/Reality era with all this Twitter and Tout stuff.
    I just hope that in a couple of years the product will go back as it was in 2004 for example.
    What do yoy guys think the PG era will end ? And why?
  2. I am honestly not sure if the PG era will end. The world in a whole is taking that sort of movement to been more friendly towards everyone and whilst there still making money on the PG era I doubt they will even think about it.
  3. Eras are not defined by their TV ratings. Eras are defined by what the product focuses on. The PG era was named as such because the product was focused on child friendly entertainment. We have seen that ever since the shoot WWE has been going more and more serious with their product (not attitude era crass but serious) and not as silly as before. The PG Era ended shortly after Punk's worked shoot. We are in the reality era right now.
  4. Correct but the product will only ever focus on what will make them money... surely?
  5. If the kids were the only thing making WWE money then we would have never left the PG era. Even during its haydays kids were a very small minority of the WWE fanbase. The majority of the people in the crowds and who watch the shows are young adults and adults. That's ages 15-45. Kids only make up around 20% of the viewership. There's a room for everything in wrestling. The comedy has not completely disappeared, look at Hornswoggle and Khali. They are there to entertain the kids. But at the same time we are not getting longer matches and more serious angles with wrestlers like Punk, Jericho, the Shield etc working them which pleases the older audience. WWE will just need to find the right balance, and it seems like they are well on their way to doing that. So yeah WWE should focus on what makes them money, which they seem to be doing on a more wide spectrum now instead of just zeroing in on one part of their audience.
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  6. PG isn't ending anytime soon, if it'll even end at all. There's a bigger financial gain for WWE with what their working with currently. More sponsors have opened up to WWE because of what they've been working with. Also mentioning that WWE is concerned with their public image, now that their branching out into charities, and getting involved with politics. I feel as though it maybe a facade for the stock holders though.
  7. Pg doesn't suck, the product does currently sure but Smackdown had been pg for 90% of its time if not more.
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  8. They'll go back to TV-14 eventually, I'm sure. Nothing stays the same forever, and there are plenty of sponsors out there that will cater to a product aimed mainly towards teenagers and adults. And say what you will about how they can have mature storylines in the PG world (which is true) but I doubt WWE would ever have Cena say childish stuff like Vince having dragon breath and that his "breath smells like he ate Barney's diapers", if this was the AE. WWE caters to kids in more ways than one because of the PG era. How is that arguable when they themselves state it in interviews?

    I really hate separating every single period into "eras" since it can be a bit arbitrary, but if we're going to, I would pretty much consider us to be living in the Cena Era ever since April 2005 when he became the main man of WWE after winning the title at Wrestlemania 21.
  9. With the death of John Cena.
  10. I still laugh at this sentiment. "Reality era" lmfao. Get real. We've had a couple of storylines that fit into that description, but 90% of the product is still the same old kiddie directed stuff.
  11. Also Punk's shoot is similar to Rock turning heel in 98, it could have lead to another era but didn't IMO.
  12. Not sure, but I think it'll last a long, long time.
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