When does goldberg return?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by ghotra.navi, Apr 7, 2012.

  1. :goldberg:

    Hi, does anyone know when Goldberg is going to return?
  2. When goldberg returns

    So Random :laugh:

    Welcome to the boards by the way, and sorry I can't answer your question.
  3. Not sure he ever will to be honest. He has said that he wouldn't reject a comeback, but I doubt he ever will.
  4. @[Goldberg] When are you returning firstly to this forum and secondly to the WWE?
  5. Whenever TNA is willing to pay his fee.


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  6. Since when is Goldberg under contract with TNA?
  7. I thought he made it clear that he didn't want to return to wrestling in any capacity.
  8. He will return right after Benoit returns.
  9. I'd rather see the return of gillburg

  10. Goldberg is old and weary now big whoop. He can't make completely clear promises too. He promised to come back before 2011 ended but instead he just went to go wrestle at something small in some country.
  11. He never said who he'd run too, just that he'd return.
  12. When Vince Sign Back!
  13. He never promised. JR just said "I doubt Goldberg would want to return" (or something) and he replied with "I wouldn't?".
  14. Maybe if @[Goldberg] comes back online he could give you an answer. After all, we do have the one true Bill Goldberg as a member of these forums.
  15. Yeah, God damnit where's @[Goldberg]
  16. Delivering dominating spears around the world wide web.
  17. That sounded kinda mean there, be happy
  18. Don't see it which is a shame as he was a brute and entertaining but least his legend will live on with the streak he had and unsullied with a failed return.
  19. Face Goldberg vs heel Ryback, Ryback wins.
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