When Dolph becomes WHC

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Jose Tortilla, Dec 22, 2012.

  1. Who to feud with?

    I hope they keep Sheamus and Show as far, far, far away from the belt.

    But who to go with? Cena? Ryback? ....?
  2. There's been rumors for months of Randy Orton making his way back into the title hunt with a feud with Ziggler. Sheamus is an obvious choice for a feud as well, especially if Sheamus beats Show and Ziggler cashes in on him after wards. Probably not Ryback, 'cause I suspect he will stay in the WWE Title hunt given they want to push him harder than Ziggler. Cena is above the WHC.
  3. Orton, I believe.
  4. With my luck probably The Miz :eww:
  5. :lol1:
    Anyways I hope Ziggler second time as WHC is better than his first.
  6. Dolph whooping Orton's ass in his first feud as WHC sounds like fap material/dreams coming true.
  7. I'd like the Miz


    Probably a super face like Sheamus, or..... basically Sheamus
  8. Randy Orton probably return as a heel for all we know. However the possibilities are Randy Orton, Sheamus, The Miz and Alberto Del Rio.
  9. Me quoting you has nothing do with this post at all, just wanted to remind you of who I am; and that you scored a freaking 3 points in the TLC prediction contest LMAO what wut what.

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  10. I was seeing how low I could score. I think all I got right was the Rhodes Scholars winning.

    Pretty impressive.
  11. Pfft. Those are just the shithead Orton marks hoping against hope that he comes back as a heel. WWE doesn't care what they want; he gets face pops so he will be a face.

    Ziggler/ADR sounds tits as fuck though if I don't get an Orton squashing
  12. Well if you look at it that way, you won
  13. Yeah, and I fapped to see how much innocent I am.
  14. True dat..

    Would be sweet to see him going over Orton just a few times again.. Ziggy becoming so strong.:yay:
  15. Seems legit. I personally don't mind whether he's a heel or face. It would be nice to see Ziggler go over Randy Orton in a huge feud.
  16. lmao :dawg:
  17. Randy Orton would be ideal imo.
  18. This. Please, this.
  19. Perhaps not Show, but Sheamus would be great. Apart from his Del Rio borefests, he's had some pretty great matches, with Sheamus/Bryan at Extreme Rules being a MOTY Candidate.

    Always love the technician/brawler pare-ups.

    If not him, then I'd love to see a feud with Bryan, Del Rio, Orton again (come on, that PPV match was sweet) or even Mysterio.
  20. It seems as if Alberto Del Rio's a heel now.
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