When for you did Punk lose his momentum?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, May 13, 2012.

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  1. If in fact you feel he did.
  2. So many agree in the popular "HHH buried Punk" theory.
  3. Nothing kills momentum faster than an authority figure cleanly going over the hottest main eventer in the company.
  4. After MITB. Right after.
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  5. When Trips beat him at NoC. :bury:

    But I don't care either way, so...:pity:
  6. I see your point. Coming back that quickly when he was supposed to have left WWE sort of made the whole "I'm leaving when my contract expires" thing feel useless, that's for sure.
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  7. Right after MITB? You mean when he beat Cena?

    He came back to soon I agree, but that's not a reason to lose momentum. It could have worked easily, it's just it would have been so much better if he left for 2+ months. But WWE needed Summerslam buys so meh.
  8. They wanted PPV buys? They could have done HHH vs Cena, and then... :bury: :shovel:

    No, but seriously. I understand why he came back that soon, they didn't want the focus to be somewhere else, but maybe they should have proceeded differently. Maybe they could've shown CM Punk defending the WWE title in smaller feds around the world, and Vince/HHH going nuts trying to get him back or something like that, it would've been awesome. It wouldn't happen though.
  9. Whenever he stopped being "The Voice of the Voiceless", and exposed as a politician. "We Want Change... um... Who Wants Ice Cream!" just doesn't cut it when you got over by exposing the problems in the WWE.

    When his ultra-entertaining anti-authority character stopped ripping WWE for being a terrible product, and started ripping into Johnny Ace for literally no reason.
  10. No reason is a bit of a stretch. The Ace vs Punk feud could have been great too. Hell, even Nash's appearance in this feud could have still been epic.
  11. That's exactly what started the downward spiral.
  12. The Ace character did nothing to Punk to piss him off other than wearing a suit. If they wanted to re-start the feud when Ace was making him defend the title against Mark Henry, because Ace is a tyrant that is mad with power, that would have been fantastic.

    The feud was entertaining, but it just felt pointless.

    Thanks, Leo!
  13. Wasn't Ace screwing Punk...? He made it clear he didn't want Punk as champion.
  14. Nash getting involved could have been OK to the feud, but I heard that the reason the feud ended up not working was because he couldn't wrestle at NoC (he was on some blood medication) and then HHH stepped up and screwed things. Who knows?

    Regarding the Laurinaitis feud, the problem is that it had no apparent reason, and I think I know why: remember that "who texted Nash to powerbomb Punk" thing? It was supposed to be Johnny, but due to the turns that the storyline took they said it was Nash himself, and things got weird. That whole mysery, big storyline that involved the whole WWE turned into Punk making fun of Ace for no reason and it never evolved, while HHH and Nash attempted to kill each other.
  15. Had the Nash feud gone like Nash said it was originally supposed to go I think Punk would not have lost his edge or at least not to the degree he has today. Nash wanted to put Punk over as a serious big time face but we have all heard about his blood medication.

    Then along came the champ of biggest nose in wrestling history and screwed Punk.
  16. Let me name another point:

    He lost it when he was coming up with the whole 'Best In The World' thing. He ain't..
  17. Even then it sucks. Nash shouldn't wrestle. He should have been the enforcer to HHH's heel corporate stable. Punk vs authority continues. Heel HHH is always epic. He lays down for Punk at a big PPV and Punk is super-over. Simples.
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