When/how would you make Ziggler cash in?

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  1. So, Ziggler has been Mr. MITB for quite some time now and hasn't cashed his briefcase in yet, and he can only cash it in on the WHC, who is Sheamus. He'll defend the title against Big Show at HIAC. Ziggler has until next year's MITB PPV to cash in. Given the facts, starting from now, when would make him cash in, and how? Hypothetical situations with new champs and such are allowed ofc.
  2. I would make him cash in at HIAC.

    Sheamus Vs Big Show - Sheamus wins cleanly, Big Show is frustrated and hits Sheamus with a WMD after the match. Ziggler comes in and cashes in.
  3. Currently, that's what I'd do as well. I believe a HIAC match (in kayfabe) is one that makes both competitors leave pretty banged up, and with a post match attack with the strongest finisher in WWE (no one has ever kicked out of it iirc) is the way to make Sheamus lose, since he's booked strong and they refuse to make him lose via pinfall (occurs rarely, I know he lost recently but it's really rare).
  4. Yeah, I've been calling it for weeks now. I think that's what my forum HIAC bet will be. "Ziggler successfully cashing in"
  5. I would make him cash in at a title match.
  6. I'd make him cash in now. Literally right now, I'm serious. Sheamus as world champion has been just as unsuccessful as Del Rio as a heel.
  7. Preferably at this next PPV because I fear i'm about to waste 55 dollars. I want it to be a good match also after he cashes it in with him edging it out at the very end. I can see Big show winning and dropping the belt again. Fits his MO
  8. Next PPV. Then every single week on RAW you run backstage shoots of him doing stuff like his dating skit this week. The stuff he does on the internet is pure gold but they never use it on television, why? Who the hell knows.

    Ziggler needs to be champ ASAP.
  9. Dolph needs to be champ RHRN :otunga:
  10. at hiac have show win then ziggler cash in and win in 45 secs
  11. That would be so funny.
  12. What if Ziggler beats Sheamus in 8 seconds :hmm: that would be....a pretty good time :obama:
  13. Faster World Title match since Diesel buried Bob Backlund I think. I'd enjoy seeing that.
  14. At HIAC is perfect. Sheamus wont lose clean and they have to portray him as beaten down and taken advantage of. The announcers can play on the whole "he had just been in a grueling HIAC match" excuse. I think it would be cool if Ziggler comes out from under the ring, while the cell is down because it would add to the shock value IMO
  15. It'd be a nice way to do it, while everyone (including Sheamus) expects Ziggler to come out through the ramp, he hits Sheamus from behind with the briefcase and cashes in, gets the title. Good idea.
  16. Sheamus wins at HIAC. Show gets mad and knocks out Sheamus with WMD. Ziggler comes out to cash in.
  17. So original.

    The problem with beat-down endings is the crowd then expect someone to cash in. A successful cash in imo is a surprise cash in.
  18. I agree but, what kind of surprise cash in do you expect WWE to do? it has always been the beatdown endings.
  19. It's not really what I expect them to do, more what I'd like them to do. MITB cash ins can be better than generic beatdown and then cash in. It can be used in a much more storyline-orientated way.

    As for what I think they should do, I would like to see Ziggler go on a streak where his gimmick is out-skilling his opponents because of his amateur wrestling ability. Have him go over decent opponents cleanly and fast and give him something to actually show off about.

    Start using the case as a weapon similar to Miz after the matches to really show off his heel side, and then give him like 2 interactions with Sheamus a month letting him know he's there waiting. You could have it so Dolph starts getting friendly with this "new" referee, keep buuilding that for a while until Dolph cashes in but silently. Not the running down the ramp and big build up, have Sheamus win with that referee reffing his match, then Dolph appears from under the ring, cashes in whilst Sheamus celebrates, ref goes to make it official with bell keeper, Dolph hits Dolph before the match starts and then gets the easy pin.

    Yeah that sucks, but it was meant to be showing you how it's quite easy to come up with something different. That there is a bit Russo-like but hey, it beats the typical cash in imo.
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  20. Did you mean Dolph hits Sheamus?
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