When I watched Bray Wyatt's promo this week

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Feb 19, 2014.

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  1. I literally thought he was talented enough to be the villain in a big movie. Can you not see the Bray Wyatt character being the most badass villains ever? I get more and more impressed each week with Bray and the promo he cut this week is definitely one of my favourites. Absolutely incredible talent, and I think he could be a great actor. It's a random thread I know, but yeah...

    Can anybody post it?
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  2. Such an incredible promo. Thanks for posting.
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  3. lets face it Bray is kinda immense, as for the big movie villan, was trying to think who he reminded me of, and just thought it was maybe de'nero in the remake of Cape Fear
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  4. You sold me on watching RAW. Thanks man.
  5. I DVRed RAW and only stopped to watch anything involving Bray/Shield. Far and away the best thing going in WWE. Brays promos are the best I've seen since late 90s heel Rock
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  6. It's awesome to know that he writes his own content as well, he's definitely one of the best to hold a mic in recent memory.
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  7. Really? The next town to chant Husky Harris should be buried and removed.
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  8. The first town should have been buried and removed.
  9. The Rock should return and get buried by the Wyatts. Rowan can be the one to do it.
  10. Is it weird that I picutre a James Bond-esque movie where Bond has to like trick Rowan to fall off a cliff. And he has an epic fight with Harper while he watches. Then he fights Bond?

  11. Well the character itself is based off of a good movie/book villain, and Bray has the charisma and shobs on the mic to pull it off.

    I'd have no problem with Wyatt showing up in some WWE studios movie to test his movie acting skills.
  12. I see Wyatt as a Moriarty-eqsue villain!
  13. Another magnificent promo by the most fascinating WWE character in years. I don't watch anymore but I'm glad this site has the common decency to keep making threads centered are an excellent Bray Wyatt promo so I can indulge some pro wrestling.
  14. You didn't watch the Cesaro match?? For shame.
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  15. Reigns sounded like a moron in that promo. Talk that noise? lol. Who writes that shit?

    Bray was awesome, as always. Most entertaining promos in a long, long time.
  16. you just aren't privy to the hip lingo the young go hards are using.
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  17. It didn't suit him, sounded forced. Worse than that babygurl shit a couple weeks back. I was criticizing the delivery more than the writing. It would've been fine if the Rock said it, but Reigns ain't no Rock. Reigns, to me, verges on John Morrison bad on the mic. Other people seem to tolerate him, though.
  18. Babygirl was hilarious. His delivery fell flat on the noise line, but it wasn't anything that detracted from the segment IMO. He could be given the Cesaro yodelling gimmick and still come off like a badass
  19. I agree, I'm just saying his mic work meshes very disappointingly with his overall aura. For a guy with that kind of charisma, you just expect more. Goldberg could get away with growling and shit, but it's harder to buy Reigns as charming or cocky. To me, at least.
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