When is a gimmick "too much"?

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  1. Or in other words, when does it jump the shark? We have seen gimmicks get taken too far before so I figured this could make for a discussion. When is a gimmick taken too far? Like when would CM Punk's Straight Edge gimmick be too much? Or Dean Ambrose psycho gimmick or Del Rio's new found Latino pride for example. I realize that this will differ from person to person but I figured we could give both a personal example of when you'd say a gimmick has been beaten to death with a stick. And when do you think that would happen for the general public? Or is it impossible in your opinion to over do a gimmick?

  2. Taking a gimmick too far is a good thing. The Attitude Era when Undertaker kidnapped Stephanie. When Austin destroyed Rock's car. When Kane "burned" undertaker.
  3. I don't think there is a guarantee that taking it too far is a good thing. There was a very different business and cultural environment then compared to now.
  4. Too far? Katie Vick and Bossman/Big Show feud. Also Torrie Wilson's dad.
  5. Yeah, but non culture/business related. It's good. Like how Hassan did the gimmick around 9/11. If not for 9/11 it would have been one of the best.
  6. What do you mean taking too far, something being too risque or way too stale?
  7. When you jump the shark. When they stop keeping it within a diluted realm of realism. It can be being too risque, too stale, too odd. A lot of things can take it too far.
  8. Oh. I see. I guess when a guy uses the same gimmick for 5 years with no tweaks it gets sort of bad.
  9. Muhammad Hassan is the only gimmick that I thought, wow that was awful.
  10. U REALLY CAN'T GO TOO FAR WITH A GIMMICK! It really depent on the show since WWE is SHIT PG Rate gimmick are limit/water down Which is why ALOT of wrestling a fulting to get over today! And it does not help that Cena is alway in the spotlight usly I mean it it have now been for CM Punk getting OVER his way he would still be down in the dump. CM Punk to get over his way not WWE way b/c WWE way would NEVER WORK! B/c that never want to go far with anyone anymore though why guy like Wade,Kofi,A. Cesso, Bryan, Chirsan, ETC: B/c WWE does not backbone to defevey someone until the main event like that use to b/c that just want to the same guy that have in Cena,Orton,Edge,Batisa,HHH and not try to make new star and work then by putting then in the main event. To put a guy like Wade in the main event again say Shumus for the World Champion at Wm would be resin for then b/c that don't if fans will draw way that have someone like Cena would will draw b/c of the GOD DAM KIDS! And the Audlt EVEN too b/c the Audlt want him to LOSE. Like People buy WM28 last year b/c an Audlt want to see Cena lose and the Kids buy WM28 to see Cena win! That why WWE is going down so bad b/c that are afaid to DO ANY NEW AND MAKE NEW STAR! CM PUNK MADE HIMSELF WHICH JUST TELL HOW BACK WWE ARE AT BOOKING! And the fact that have to call up The Rock to get rating and draw people to want buy a PPV tell that don't have new star really to go if say Cena got seruis injury.
  11. The Great Khali..

    From being a huge monster heel that would destroy anything in his way to a big loved heel who buries superstars with 3 moves..

    And the full list from above was done from 2006 untill 2013 and present.
  12. When Kane shot a fireball at Xpac, when Undertaker uses lightning bolts, when Undertaker "possessed" Josh Matthews, Cena being such a Superman that its a big deal when he loses a match and those losses always being dirty. whats he lost like 1 time cleanly ( to the Rock) in the last 5 years?
  13. Natalya's farting gimmick. lol
  14. :upset:
  16. That almost made me cry too. :sad:
  17. Which is......? :bury:
  18. I don't follow. :downer:
  19. Jumping the shark implies it was better once though, and that gimmick was putrid from the get go and remained so throughout it's existence.

    Anyway, I'd say normally a gimmick jumps the shark when it's over-exposed with little to no development or they just keep bringing it back for nostalgia sake. Although alternatively, having too much development can lead to it straying too far away from the gimmick that attached you to the wrestler in the first place. So it's a balancing act.

    In all honesty I can't really think of a gimmick that jumped that shark for me at this moment. The only ones that are coming to mind are ones whose gimmick I just didn't care for at first, and then quickly became an annoyance. And while that fits the definition feels weird throwing out gimmicks I didn't like in the first place.