When lucks not been on your side.

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Crayo, Feb 7, 2012.

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  1. Post stories when luck wasn't on your side! It can be small stories, or quite large ones with drastic consequences.

    Mine was quite recently, yesterday night. 4 minutes before RAW starts I post "Going to get a snack as quietly as I can" why? Because RAW is on, and I want a snack but I can't wake my Mother up. So I'm like pretending to be a ninja, it's pitch black but I know the way to the kitchen off by heart.

    Going down the stairs thinking in my head the "like a baws" song as I've not made a sound yet, thinking about what I'm going to get. Then the worst thing happened, there was a toy-cushion that makes sounds if you press it in, yeah, I stepped on it "Welcome to the barnyard!!" was then loudly projected through the household. I cringed and carried on, don't worry Crayo, it was a minor set-back. Down on the wooden floorboards now, newly put in, there's one squeaky one though, there always is.

    Never fear, because as I said, I know this off-by-heart. So I thought. Every single step somehow hit this one wooden squeaky floor-board, you have no idea how angry I was. Walking into the kitchen, still with no light on, I trip over the hoover and fall to the floor, with the hoover. I stayed down for 5 seconds to see if Mum has raged and got out of her bedroom, she hadn't. I then sigh to myself and cuss towards the hoover, yeah I'm cool. I slowly get up and turn the light on, make my drink and get the snack I wanted. All done, finished off making the drink and I turn around and nearly step on my fucking kitten :cry:. So naturally I move myself to avoid crushing him, drop the drink on the floor, glass smashes, drink everywhere. Literally just sat on the kitchen chair and waited for Mum to come down.

    Tell me yours!
  2. Lol Interesting story or else I can't really tell a story because Luck is never on my side
  3. Just done a run of 4am starts at work my first one being Saturday just gone! Now we've recently had a refurbishment done at work resulting in us having a new automatic door put on. So imagine my delight on Saturday when I turn up to open the store at 4am to find the "new" keys the builders had given me the day previous to unlock in the morning did not work resulting in me having to ring round the builders trying to get one of them to answer their phones well that only took until 6am then it took the builder an hour to get to where I work so by the time he'd turned up to let me in I'd be sat in the dark and cold for three hours and got into work at 7am fuming was not the word! LOL
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  4. Whenever I'm taking tests!
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