When Punk drops the title, will he still be in the main event?

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  1. So when he finally drops the belt, will he still be finishing off RAW? People say right now he's surpassed Orton and is by far the #2 in the company, and at the moment he is ending RAW's. Will he still after Wrestlemania and after his title-reign/challenge? Or will he be subjected to ending the first or second hour?
  2. I guess it depends on the other programs they have at the time he drops it. If the other angles involve Rock, Lesnar, Taker, HHH and possibly Cena I don't think he'll finish them off.
  3. It's not like he needs it that much. Hopefully he goes for the WHC.
  4. I think for a little while he'll continue to close until they finish a storyline he is in when he was champion, then after that I see him not being the main event anymore sadly.
  5. I reckon he'll be in and around the title scene for months without actually winning it. The only problem is that would mean yet more Cena/Punk matches which have been done to death now.

    My personal preference would actually be him winning the WHC for a few months. It would instantly boost the title's credibility and would create new fueds with Smackdown guys which would certainly freshen things up.
  6. No way would I want Punk on the B show, sorry.
  7. He could do way more good there though. Even for just a couple of months, Punk being over there would make SD so much more watchable.
  8. Definitely, any Punk segment is watchable, but SmackDown as a whole sucks. It would just reduce Punk's credibility and probably ruin him lol.
  9. He could still come across and cut promos/be in the main event of Raw though? If it was only a 3-4 month long thing then that could be great and wouldn't affect his credibility at all.
  10. I doubt he'll win another world title for quite awhile. After having such a long title reign, I don't see them putting another one on him again too soon, if ever (if/when they finally do, it'll be the WHC, not the WWE Title.) He might challenge for the belt afterwards, of course. If Wrestlemania ends up being either Cena-Rock or Punk-Cena-Rock for the WWE Title (Cena would be walking out as champion in both scenarios), I could see them doing one last Cena-Punk match in April just to have that last final blowoff match between them, and to see Cena finally defeat Punk, but that would be it for awhile. Punk would continue to be in some of the main storylines, but not in the main event. What's funny is that that's the exact position he's been in on the card for the majority of his title reign anyway. He's only just began actually main eventing PPVs just recently in the fall.
  11. IMO probably not. Like Farooq said he will stick around probably until after Mania season... but then post-Mania if he is no longer champ (he won't be) and he finishes up his feud with the champ he will inevitably slide down the card. It happens to most every champ who isn't a super dooper star like Cena or Rock or Austin or a lame ass like big Slow or Sheamus

    Guys like Punk, Jericho, ADR, ect are generally going to bounce back and forth between the upper mid card and main event, which is fine in my eyes.
  12. Why would you not 'want' Punk on the B show? Punk leaving opens the door for Bryan, Barrett... you name him

    I don't believe SD ruined Edge, Rey or Batista but may have, infact, enhanced their careers

    CM Punk is a glorified Indie wrestler, so I doubt a B show would ruin the guy
  13. I agree with everything except for the part where you say that he will be relegated to the WHC title. I actually think quite the contrary about that and suspect he will be front and center for years to come. He's on the record of saying that he will retire early and quite frankly who is better than him? (maybe bryan) I mean the obvious choice is to put him in deep rooted story lines while he's not a champion which potentially could main event some events. He will be champion multiple times and have a pretty good legacy. It's just weird to think about because most champions don't hold the title for a year. In a normal year the title can switch anywhere from 2 to 3 times and i suspect one of them each year would be to him. Since he does plan to retire early, maybe 4 more title reigns for him which would put him at a healthy amount ending his career with one being 365+ days.
  14. Closing every show? No.

    Being in/around the main event? Yes.

    The trust the company has shown in Punk will not just disappear. He's shown he can carry the title for along time and that he wants to do the best he can for the fans and for the show. He's also shown he has the talent to be the top heel in the game.

    He's a made man or as close to it as exists among heels in the WWE today. He'll probably go back and forth between the WwE Title and WHC for the bulk of his post-Title career.

  15. I'm personally looking forward to what direction his character moves towards after his reign. Currently it's all about respecting his very long reign, and obsessing about keeping the title. It's inevitably going to change and I honestly don't think they will go down the face route with him again, so he's going to have to change it somewhat. He's talented enough to pull more or less anything off though so it's something we can look forward to when he finally drops the title. Presuming Ryback or Cena take it off him at Wrestlemania - or take it off The Rock - then I am also intrigued by which heel will be pushed to feud with one of those big faces.
  16. That's another interesting points. What other big heels other than Punk exist that can realistically feud with Cena or Ryback for the WWE title once Punk is done there?
  17. Ambrose.
  18. You'd risk pushing him into the main event instantly? That could just as well backfire at him despite all his skills. He needs to be eased in naturally if the Shield angle doesn't keep itself high profile enough.

    I'm not saying start him off feuding for the US title but I wouldn't throw him immediately into feuding with Cena for the WWE title. He needs to do something else before it as a singles guys to establish himself. At least from how it looks right now.
  19. Punk/Ambrose feud needs to happen.
  20. I don't mind the idea of having Punk win the WHC, in fact I like it a lot....

    He can win it, and keep appearing on Raw everyweek like Sheamus currently does...
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