When starting relationships...

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by catlady, Dec 2, 2013.

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  1. What is the main quality you look for whether is be friendship or something more?
    I don't mean looks either! :mad2:

    Looks aside, people tend to have the same ideas what they want in a person but most of the time end up having a relationship with the complete opposite of that and still enjoying their company.
  2. Other than looks? Um. Someone that isn't stupid I guess or super religious.
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  3. ...That is it? You would be best friends with a drug lord? Or sleep with a hooker? :haha:
  4. sense of humor is A #1 for me even ahead of looks

    if a chick laughs at my jokes that's a great start
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  5. Being able to laugh together is very important. :obama:
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  6. I wasn't really thinking when I wrote that.
    Uhm. Well I wouldn't want them to have been with a lot of guys. I know people say that you would if you were put in the spot, but what I think they mean is f*ck her. I would, but wouldn't start a relationship.
    I guess they can also have an idea of their future, even though I really wouldn't want them working. But something to keep them occupied I guess. ( I would let them work.)
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  7. This too. But I always make girls laugh. And not by showing my junk to them.
  8. oh and I have no desire for serious committed relationships. not until I'm at least 45
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  9. You just sing the Canadian national anthem. :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:irty:
  10. Atleast you are honest with this. Most guys aren't and end up dicking around in relationships.
  11. wtf is pirty?
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  12. Well, a personality would be one of the first things. Anther would be if she wasn't stupid. Oh,and I'd prefer if she hadn't slept with almost half the town.
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  13. So you want her barefoot (OBVIOUSLY) and in the kitchen. :awyeah:
  14. Oops... :urm:
  15. A man needs his food.
    Say that three more times and look at Wayne.
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  16. nah I don't have it in me to cheat because I hate the thought of hurting someone over the shit when it's a lot easier to just be honest about what I want in the relationship.

    many a girl is just as interested in casual fun relationships as guys are without it getting all relationshippy
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  17. These threads are making me sad now considering how bad I screwed up.
  18. Hey D'Z, would you consider if I told a girl, "Get the fuck out of here" humorous?
  19. I didn't mean necessarily cheating, but just staying in them because they feel obligated. I don't think the average man is prepared for or even ready for a long term commitment till late 20's early 30's. Not the case with all, but from what I have seen. Then there are always them dudes who never get serious long enough for it to turn into a long term relationship. My uncle is a good example but he knows he don't want kids and he don't need a woman to be around 24/7 to be happy. I think he is like 48.
  20. :hmm:

    ...go on.....
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