When the beast returns...

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We all know he'll be back so what would the best approach for him be?

If you were to book him against someone in the WWE right now, who would it be and how would you plan it out?

I know some of you hate the dude but he is bound to be back, so look at this as a worst case scenario and making the best out of his time (and their money) in the WWE. No one wants to waste money on something people won't care about. Best to pin him against someone that deserves more attention or a push.

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We all know he'll be back so what would the best approach for him be? Paul would come out and do normal schtick

If you were to book him against someone in the WWE right now, who would it be and how would you plan it out? I would have him job to Braun, and just because I want to see him job to Braun, or anyone for that matter, and who cares about story in WWE.

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Have him come out onto the ramp with Heyman.. Heyman lifts his mic and utters 6 words...

"The Beast is going into hibernation."

Heyman then drops the mic and he and Lesnar walk backstage never to be seen again.
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That's all fine and dandy but not the point of the thread. This is with the assumption of him coming back and using him in a better manner.
Okay...well...if they bring him back he should be used
sparingly & only to put over the full time talent on the

Or just bring him & Goldberg back as a team & have
them destroy everyone until a couple of guys stand
up to them & send them packing.

Something different & entertaining...that eventually
has Brock putting someone over.

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Seth vs Brock needs to happen again. We need to see a war between the two with a clean finish. We have seen Seth screw lesnar out of two world titles now and hasn't.

People moan that wwe don't build up heated blood fueds. This fued has so much behind it.

This match could happen in KSA.

Or this match could happen way into the future. After all the story is Seth has stopped the beast from ever getting near the title. No rematch clauses baby.

So he needs a win at KSA. Against someone who can afford to lose and get a good rub from wrestling Brock.

Looking at the Raw roster... Rey Mysterio.

That's is a Saudi Arabia type match if I haven't seen one. Brock vs Rey. Not bad.

Or Lashley.

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Well, there's a few things I'd want for Brock's return but I think the most important thing for me with him potentially returning is the dates. I don't know the details of Brock's contract, if it's mandated that his appearances are as spread a part as they tend to be, but since Brock is no longer obligated to show up throughout the year to defend the Universal Championship, when he returns, I want him to do it one burst. Every week on Raw, every PPV, for however many dates he has left. Ideally this would be during The Road to WrestleMania, for reasons I'll get to later. I want his return to feel like he's a more integrated part of the roster, rather than some dude who just shows up when he feels like it.

Secondly, I want him to wrestle a match on Raw. It could be a five minute squash for all I care, and it likely would be let's be honest, maybe even shorter, but I feel like it should happen once. Mostly to help with the integration perception I mentioned earlier but if they care about ratings, promoting's first TV match in like what, well over a decade, is a pretty solid strategy. It shouldn't be a constant thing, once might just be enough, since you do want to maintain Lesnar's aura.

Anyway, the major thing I want for him, is multi-man matches. From what I gather around the wrestling communities online, is the general consensus has been that Brock's best matches since returning have been the multi-man matches, the fatal four way from SummerSlam (which I can confirm was pretty great) and the triple threat with Cena & Rollins (which I haven't seen but heard nothing but unanimous praise for). It makes sense of course, cause you've got other people in the match to carry the work-rate, and Brock can still deliver his signature beatdown style (and I do find it entertaining to see him just wrecking people, the problem is when he's holding the championship hostage, and almost exclusively fights in 1-on-1 match ups with similar structures to them). In particular, I want to see him in the Elimination Chamber match. Just have him enter 6th, dominate for a bit, eliminate one or two wrestlers, then the remaining superstars gang up on him with a finisher barrage and eliminated Lesnar. Lesnar remains looking strong, and he doesn't have to put in much work despite working in a high profile match, everyone wins.

Fourthly, put someone over at Mania, Clean. Preferably Lars Sullivan.

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