When Vickie Guerrero was working with the WWE from 2005-2014, do you think Vickie's...

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Aztecwarrior480, Nov 23, 2015.

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  1. humiliating segments of herself and her physical appearance(after Eddie's death) were somewhat a real reflection of how the WWE creative writers and the McMahons truly felt about Vickie, kinda like how Vince often puts Jim Ross on blast in almost all of their WWE segments between each other(up until he fired him) because of how he truly felt about him?
  2. No they all loved her there. The reason they did it was because she allowed it for the sake of comedy.
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  3. This.
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  4. Vickie was one bad bitch I'll tell you that. Easily one of the greatest heat generators of all time. EXCUSE ME can make an arena boo instantly, lol.

    I'll even say I enjoyed her bullshit with Edge. SmackDown was alright at the time.
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  5. Absolutely agree... she is one of the personalities from the new millennium that I miss the most.
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