When Will AJ Leave Ziggy and For Who?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by PunkAJ4Life, Apr 8, 2013.

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  1. We all know AJ and how eventully she'll get bored with Ziggy, I'm actully counting down the days to it, but when do you think she'll do it?
    Then when she does, who will be her next catch? I'd like to see her go after Punk again, not so much in a marry me aspect but, I still want you. We all know they had the most chemistry and it made it to the bed room, thanks to Punks confirtation with her in September confirming that. Plus she had her best best matches withh him and without him during that arc. Along with that there is a theory going around during that Cena video footage with her supposedly coming out of his room in a white robe is actully her coming out of Punks room. Let me explain this a little, if you all remember Punk told her that one Raw he wanted sit down and have a serious talk with her about what was goin on with them, while she was running around in a white robe that, so the theory is that footage is from. Now with that is why AJ gave into Vicki's demands with this evidence, not to protect Cena but Punk because they were caught and why the Ziggy storyline was made up. What I could see is now that Punk will most likely lose Heyman in his loss, she could comeback around to see him, giving them another summer of storylines including some more matches
    What do you guys think she will do?
  2. Maybe she left him for Miz, but don't think so, we all know he's going to get married, another superstar... Maybe Van Dam when he comes back (I beg him to come back to WWE and not to TNA)
  3. I'd love to see AJ hook up with Punk, but I'm not sure what she could add to his character. Besides, Punk's taken :smug1:
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  4. lol Heyman will leave him now that he lost.:pity:
  5. I'm not real sure and in all honesty I'd prefer to see her on her own. She's been far too dependent on the affection of a man and I'd prefer her to take a stand and show her true independence as a woman.

    If she had to be in another relationship, I'd hope it would be more give-and-take so she would also get more opportunities in the ring and her next boyfriend would be there to support her accomplishments too. Dolph does that to an extent but she's more often in his corner trying to get Dolph and Big E titles rather than being opportunistic and going after her own title. Someone who provides her with support to accomplish big things for her career would be ideal.
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  6. Yeah unfortunatly her being with Ziggy, she hasn't had a a chance to wrestle. If she could seriously focus on her own career she could have the Diva title easily.
  7. She'll leave Z to Big E for some Big D.
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  8. I think they'll keep her with Ziggler for a while.
  9. AJ won't leave Dolph until he looses the title.
  10. I hope soon and for the divas division.
  11. Hopefully soon and she can gtfo for good.
  12. Re: RE: When Will AJ Leave Ziggy and For Who?

    I chuckled lol!!

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  13. When Will AJ Leave Ziggy ? Who knows, but the sooner the better!

    and For Who?
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  14. ASAP and she will come to me :gusta:
    (Let her be alone)
  15. I agree that Punk/AJ was the best out of all of them and did have the most chemistry. I'd rather much see AJ on her own. Her gimmick isn't so much "crazy" as it is attention-wanting, it's a bit pathetic to be honest. AJ wouldn't do anything for Punk besides drag him down like she's doing with Dolph, even though it did bring in Big E. As the numerous times it's been said on this forum before:

    Everyone would be better off by themselves.
  16. Also, don't mind the numerous AJ haters. They're just annoyed she's around all the time messing with shit and does absolutely nothing currently.

    AJ has her moments. She's the only diva that has my attention, but that's really not saying much. :urm:
  17. Unfortunately now that Ziggy has the title, she will stick around him for a while which is disappointing because I'm dying to see her wrestle.
  18. :win:
  19. :true: I'm sick and tired of her. Really just want her to leave the Ziggler picture already and get off my TV.
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