When will Alberto Del Rio be released?

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Franklin, Jul 31, 2012.

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  1. Fall of 2012

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  2. At the end of 2012

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  3. At the begining of 2013

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  4. Spring of 2013

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  5. At the end of 2013

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  1. In my opinion Alberto Del Rio is the biggest bust in WWE history. The fans cannot connect to him. He has been unable to get heat. When he cuts promos I only hear pens dropping.

    It was reported that when he was WWE Champion the ratings took a hit.

    There are two types of dislikes for a heel. One type is good and the other is bad.

    Type 1.

    People hate this guy. He pisses them off and knows to play with their emotions. He is the type of guy people will want to watch to see him lose.

    Type 2.

    People also hate this guy. They're not pissed off at him for being a heel. They don't connect with him. They won't want to see him get any TV time. They don't react to him. They change the channel when he is on TV.

    Alberto is clearly type 2.

    Has there ever been anyone like him in WWE history to be unwanted by the fans and still has a job?
  2. I think Alberto is a good heel, it;s a matter of preference. :emoji_slight_smile:)
  3. I don't like him at all. He bores me to tears so I hope he does soon.
  4. He has really stepped up his game recently. He gets very good heat nowadays and is one of their better ring performers. He just needs a gimmick tuning.
  5. the poll options are stupid
  6. Vince has a massive hard on for him so I doubt he'll be released unless he let's his contract expire.
  8. Need to add a "never" option. Vince busted his ass to get ADR and they're not going to release him any time soon.

  9. :eww:
  10. Your fault not mine.
  11. How is he a good heel? He has been unable to make the fans hate him for over two years.

    Did you watch Raw? He didn't have any heat.

  12. Did you watch? He got decent heat for a heel of his caliber.
  13. WWE release him right after tna go out of buildness! So probably an day now!!

  14. Never. He's a boss and fucks women like water through a pipe.
  15. I watched Alberto's entire match. He didn't get any heat. No one booed him during the instruction. Very few people reacted to his statement after beating Santino.

  16. If they haven't released any jobbers that get no reaction, what makes you think they will release "Mr. MITB", "2011 Royal Rumble Winner" and "2x WWE Champion"?
  17. Have they ever released a world or wwe champ even? Most of them seem to be similar to Hardy where his contract wasn't renewed.
  18. He won't be released anytime soon. He often wrestles for the world title, is a very good ring worker, and he can actually work the mic decently, but the problem is his gimmick and the way they book him. Recently they've started doing him do stuff to get some more heat (talking about the illegal Mexicans in Texas for example), so if they keep tweeking his character or if he turns face in the future it'd be nice.

    And let's not forget Vince loves him.
  19. I would rather him turn face and team with Rey.
  20. I absolutely hate him as well.
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