When will Brodus Clay debut?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Dec 19, 2011.

  1. It's been weeks now since they announced it, and every week it's delayed. I'm probably thinking a debut in the rumble match. But the way they've built it up, it seems like he'll tear his way through everyone., and I can't see him winning the rumble. Unless they put him out as first contestant and he knocks out like the first 12 people that come in.

    I'm a fan of his actually since he cut this promo:

  2. Great mic skills imo a really devastating monster. It's kinda a shame they took his idea for himself and gave it to Henry.
  3. Yeah I read the exact same thing, if that's true then I'm pretty annoyed about it, though Henry was pretty good in that role. His mic skills are great, his ring ability for a big guy is good aswell, reminds me of a bigger version of Umaga.
  4. Yeah have you seen his matches in FCW ? Some of the suplex variations he used were brutal. He reminded me of an umaga tazz kind of hybrid.
  5. Yeah I was a big fan of his in FCW, though I doubt many of the suplexes he used then will be used in WWE. They like to tone down their wrestlers.