When will Brodus turn heel?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Apr 30, 2013.

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  1. The guy is wasted, he's genuinely a great heel from what I have seen of him. The guy looks like a monster, he can talk like a monster, and can work as a monster, so why the hell is he dancing around with jobbers to little kids?

    He gets heat, look at this promo in front of what was a dead crowd on a shitty NXT show:

    We have seen quite a few "monster" type pushes with Henry. Big Show, Ryback, and Big E can come into that as well, so why not Clay? Are you a fan of his? Do you think it could work?
  2. Suppose they liked the swerve at first and don't feel like pulling the trigger. But he does have the potential, yeah.
  3. Sounds like canned heat to me, but good promo.
  4. Oh hai Fandango. Honestly I enjoy heel Clay but it's not his time now. We have Show, Henry, E and Ryback running round as the monsters in singlets. As soon as Mark and Show step back (soon enough) and Ryback turns back face whilst Big E hopefully is sent somewhere far a way from a ring. Next year will be his break out IMO.
  5. I loved him as heel, don't really understand why WWE turned him face... He was like ADR's Big E
  6. What's your issue with Big E? The guy works well in the ring imo. His matches are better than Ryback's anyway.
  7. Beyond his incredibly dull nature? I find Ryback dull too but at least he can sell aggression. E doesn't sell anything on his facial expressions or body language, his execution is decent for his limited moveset but that's it.
  8. I think he does, he just sells it differently. He sells it as being emotionless, instead of him just being emotionless. I'm a fan personally. If Big E were to sell himself as an aggressive monster, wouldn't he just be a black version of Ryback? I like that they're different.
  9. That's the first I've seen of Brodus Clay as a heel and I think it's a marked improvement compared to what he's doing now. I hope they explore a heel angle with Brodus at some point but I don't see it happening any time soon.
  10. I think you're reading too much into it in all honesty, even on NXT he was a dull turd with a fetish for the number 5 IMHO. I'll answer your question with another, if Ryback sells himself as an aggressive monster is a white Mark Henry? Or even Big Show and Ryback?
  11. On NXT he did the same thing. He is trying to sell him as being the cold hearted viscous guy with no remorse. The guy with no friends, but just wants to hurt people, etc. He definitely isn't just going out there like -.- and beating people up, and not even attempting to sell it.

    And no, they're all different:

    Ryback - His whole gimmick is based around intensity.
    Henry - Aggressive, but knows it, and is pretty cool most of the time. Troll smile for example.
    Big Show - What does sell mean? Is he a face or a heel now anyway? Let's not include him.
  12. Big E is emotionless on NXT? Last time I watched he was booked as a face. A dull face but a face non the less cutting some of the weirdest promos around.
  13. I'm neutral on BIg E. I don't see how anyone could really like or really dislike him up to this point. I wish he would fuck off from DZ doe.
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  14. Talking about during his first period of the 5 gimmick, where he'd just come out, destroy someone, and leave.
  15. As mentioned, there's enough monster types, face or heel, going around that we don't really need another one. Big Show, Mark Henry, Big E Langston, Ryback, etc. They even brought in Tensai in that role. There's enough big guys going around trying to intimidate with size that bringing in Clay to a more lovable and 'fun' character changes things up. Of course, Clay can still be a monster when performing in the ring but doesn't have to portray that type of gimmick on the mic. They can always turn him heel later. Once he gets sick of having fun with the crowd and dancing with the Funkadactyls and just wants to fuck people up. I think it'd be awesome if he actually attacked and squashed the two Funkadactyls when he goes heel (never in a PG world, but still.)
  16. I didn't really care for this guy when he was ADR's bodyguard, but his other heel work was pretty good and is better than the dancing gimmick.
  17. I don't take him seriously playing the character he does right now. If they want him to be taken serious, turn him heel.
  18. Get ready for Big E winning the US belt and AJ winning the women's title to complete what AJ calls her family.
  19. Getting back to Clay I really liked as a heel but as other people have said we have too many monster heels as it is. Plus Clay as a heel would mean WWE losing sells due to the kids loving him as a face.
  20. Don't care about him right now. I can see him turning on tensai at some moment. But not soon
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